Sony Offers Kate Beckinsale ‘Total Recall’ Role

Kate BeckinsaleAccording to Deadline, British actress Kate Beckinsale has been offered the role of Lori in Sony Pictures remake of the 1990 film Total Recall, originally played by Sharon Stone — and considered by many to be the launching point of her career. So, you know, it should give Beckinsale an opportunity to really “make it” and become a movie star. Plus, she joins Colin Farrell, another actor who could really use this flick remake to get famous (sarcasm on both counts, really).

In other Total Recall remake news/rumors, Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are being tossed around as potential candidates for the role of Melina (portrayed by the beautiful Rachel Ticotin in ’90), but nothing yet is confirmed. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who’s going to play that three-breasted woman. Len Wiseman is directing from a script by Kurt Wimmer. The film will hit theaters on August 3rd 2012.

Source: Deadline