Sony Purchases Alien Movie ‘Agent OX’

Neal MoritzAliens are invading… again!

In an attempt to get at least one alien-based movie in the theater every year, Sony has bought the new script Agent OX from Daniel Kunka for Neal Moritz (Battle: Los Angeles). The story follows a human spy on an alien planet who tries to stop an invasion on Earth. Other than that, no other details have emerged regarding the story, cast members or a director.

Now, here’s the question. With all these alien movies releasing, do you think that maybe aliens really do exist but aren’t advanced at all? Maybe they’re mirror images of our species, looking up to the sky, just wanting, no–hoping, that some type of aliens DO attack. In fact, they hope so badly that they take their version of Hollywood and create movies about us attacking them. Yes. That’s exactly what’s happening.

So aliens everywhere, if you’re reading this and looking for a dashing, young blond-haired man to star as your enemy fleet’s commander in your upcoming blockbuster film, look no further. I am here. Take me to your leader.

Source: Variety