Sorry Humanity, ‘Human Centipede 3’ Is Happening with Star Dieter Laser 


Put down your lunch right now (and forever, for that matter): a third Human Centipede movie is still happening and bringing back its original baddie. Just in case you weren’t sufficiently horrified, grossed out, or plain depressed enough the first two times around. Entertainment Weekly heralded in the news that director/professional deranged person Tom Six has made nice (probably not a word often associated with him) with The Human Centipede (First Sequence) star Dieter Laser after he threatened to sue him for breach of contract. Laser had reportedly dropped out of The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) just seven weeks before shooting when, according to a statement put out by Six, the German actor’s ego had “grown to laughably big proportions,” and he had demanded “unacceptable script changes.” In a statement made last year, Laser said he “couldn’t identify with the character” anymore. (After all, the character was just so human and relatable in the first movie!)

Now, apparently, the two men have come to terms with one another, the lawsuit has been dropped, and they can get back on track with making the third feature in the saga so that they can get back to haunting your dreams. And not a minute sooner, as this movie will feature a 500 person centipede. (For those of you out of the loop of what a Human Centipede is…you know what, you’re better off continuing to enjoy your beautiful life.) Six also promises The Human Centipede 3 (which, in addition to Laser will also bring back the sequel’s unsettling villain Laurence R. Harvey) “will be very politically incorrect” and feature a “big American celebrity”. Any guesses to who that could be or where Six will, well, stick them? If the very thought of this makes you want to wash your eyes out of have a lobotomy, you can cleanse your palate with the new Evil Dead trailer which seems downright Disney-esque in comparison.

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