Speak Your Mind on the ‘Tropic Thunder’ Controversy

As the sky darkens and the Thunder booms, we’d like to hear what you think about this recent Hollywood brouhaha.

It seems several groups advocating for the disabled are calling for a national boycott of Ben Stiller’s latest comedy Tropic Thunder, which opens wide in theaters Aug. 13, saying the film negatively portrays people with intellectual disabilities.

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“We are asking people not to go to the movie and hope to bring a consciousness to people about using derogatory words about this population,” Peter Wheeler, spokesman for Special Olympics, one of 22 disability groups nationwide protesting the satire, said in a statement to the press.

He said the groups are particularly offended by the film’s repeated use of the word “retard” in a subplot regarding Stiller’s character, who is more known for being an action-hero movie star but who tries to “break out” by playing a character named Simple Jack.

Do you agree with the disability groups? Post your comments below!