Special Olympics Give Green Light to Farrelly Spoof

Organizers of the Special Olympic Games have given cheeky filmmaking duo the Farrelly brothers their approval to spoof the disabled sports event in their new movie The Ringer.

The controversial comedy stars Jackass funnyman Johnny Knoxville as a man who pretends to be mentally disabled in order to triumph at the games.

But Special Olympics chairman Tim Shriver is convinced the movie will change the public’s view of those with special needs.

Shriver says, “The risk was that it would further the stereotypes of people with intellectual disabilities as the brunt of jokes rather than the teller of jokes—but the payoff was even more valuable.”

Peter Farrelly says, “I saw the potential for changing people’s perceptions of people with intellectual disabilities.

“You’re not laughing at them. You’re really laughing with them. There are a lot of jokes in this movie, and they’re in on them all.”

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