Spider-Man Female Casting Rumors: Daily Dose Of Jealousy

Dianna ArgonLet’s be honest here. We’re friends. We can share things with each other. Casting rumors and “who auditioned with who” don’t really matter that much until it’s officially announced who got the part. It’s not like we can influence who gets the part or whatever.

But what does matter is that it gives us an excuse to look at and post pretty pictures of starlets!

So let’s see who Andrew Garfield might get to lock lips with, that lucky bastard!

As previously reported, Emma Stone and Mia Wasikowska are the two main actresses in talk for the role. They’re both great actresses and considering all I know about the two roles they’re up for is that they are a blonde and redhead, they seem to fit the part well!

Newly added to the list of possibilities is Glee’s Dianna Agron. Quite pretty when not with a bastard child out of wedlock in high school (quoting my extremely old fashioned grandmother on that one), she could be in line for the role of blonde Gwen Stacey. But thanks to the miracles of hair coloration these days, she could easily turn that into Mary Jane Watson.

Emma Stone

We also have Georgina Haig in contention. Earlier this year she was in Road Kill and Wasted on the Young, two movies I haven’t seen nor heard of! But Georgina is quite pretty and we’ll take any excuse to post pictures of pretty ladies. Here’s hoping she gets a callback!

And finally we have Dominique McElligott. Since we’ve had so much positive attention thrown around with the other ladies vying for the role, McElligott will be derided simply because she was last in line and her last name is hard to spell and pronounce. So, gosh! I can’t believe they would audition her! Ugh! (In all seriousness she seems to be a good actress and is very attractive, but we couldn’t have this be a one sided article even though this sentence made it that).

So there are the ladies who might be swinging into Peter Parker’s web in 2012. Needless to say, I’m excited, if not for an excuse to post this picture of Emma Stone again.

Source: Deadline