‘Spider-Man’ Star Emma Stone Knows You Turn Her into GIFs


First off, apologies to Emma Stone. While sitting down with the The Amazing Spider-Man actress to discuss her character Gwen Stacey, the spectrum of fan reactions to her casting by comic book fans, and her impact on Internet culture by way of animated GIFs, conversation turned a bit meta. We realized the entire dialogue could become a GIF once it finally hit the web, to which Stone exaggeratedly insisted, “don’t let me become a GIF!”

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So, of course, the Internet made her into a GIF.


The few frames of silent comedy capture everything people love about Stone’s adorable, down-to-Earth qualities, but the full interview only adds to our appreciation for one of Hollywood’s brightest young talents. Check out the video below, where Stone professes her love for Internet forums and Tumblr. See, they’re just like us!

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Amazing Spider-Man, costarring Andrew Garfield, swings into theaters July 2.

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