Spielberg Developing ‘Jurassic Park 4’

Stephen SpielbergThe first thing in my lifetime that anyone seemed to actually care about was Jurassic Park. The prevalence of the title and events of that movie in my peers’ lexicon was unparalleled. I worry daily about my vulnerability to raptor attack whenever I look at my doorknob. This franchise is the greatest contribution Stephen Spielberg has made in twenty years that isn’t set in a war-ravaged Europe.

And now, after that abomination of a third film, Jurassic Park may be coming back.

Spielberg is brainstorming a fourth film in the Jurassic Park series, and he brought the idea to desk of screenwriter Mark Protosevich, whose most impressive script to date has been I Am Legend, which at the very least, was provocative enough to bring us each to wonder how we’d manage in a zombie apocalypse (I’d last up to the second act).

So, with another creator of an impressive disaster-society on staff, this Spielberg project could very well be what Joe Johnston’s installment wasn’t. And to point out the obvious: Jurassic Park post-2011 would be visually enthralling. 3-D dinosaurs. That’s the dream.

Source: Hollywood Reporter