Spike Lee Joins Kickstarter, Urges You to Do the Right Thing and Donate

Credit: FameFlynet

Twitter fame is just $5 away, and that’s the double-truth, Ruth. 

Spike Lee (who will tweet at you if you send him $5… but then again, so would most of us) is currently seeking $1.25 million to fund “The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint,” a currently-unnamed movie about “human beings who are addicted to blood.” He doesn’t reveal too many details about the film on the campaign page, only describing it as “funny, sexy, and bloody (and it’s not Blacula).” The campaign will last for 30 days and, as of now, 255 backers have donated $11,776 of the pledged goal.

Although the campaign is an interesting choice for the Oscar-nominated director, it wouldn’t be the first time a big name jumped on the crowdfunding train. In the campaign video posted on the site, Lee noted recent Kickstarter campaigns such as the Veronica Mars film that raised $5 million and Zach Braff’s $3.1 million campaign for a spiritual sequel of sorts to Garden State. Lee, who is currently in post-production for Oldboy, noted that the independent film world’s climate is “very different” and “the only way to ensure as an independent filmmaker that your vision is on the screen is when you bring the money to the table.”

His prizes are enticing enough, with the top prize (specifically, “the award for all playa-playas”) being a courtside seat next to Lee at his “beloved” New York Knicks home game in Madison Square Garden for $10,000.

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