Spy Kids 4 Coming August 2011

ALTSource: erc BoxOffice

Franchises are top priority in Hollywood and Robert Rodriguez has had his hand in a few over the past two decades, from El Mariachi/Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico to the newly reformed Predators series. One of his most popular properties is the Spy Kids trilogy, which combined has grossed almost a half billion dollars worldwide. It’s therefore no surprise that the multi-hyphenate would be bringing his secret agent tykes back for another go around.

Exhibitor Relations Box Office today reported that The Weinstein Company will distribute Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World on August 19th 2011. Rodriguez will once again write and direct, and plans on featuring a new group of young spies.

We here at Hollywood.com are beginning to experience sequel fatigue, so please forgive us if we are less than enthusiastic about another kiddie espionage adventure. It’s not that we are against film franchises – we’re very excited about Iron Man 2. We just would like filmmakers to exercise restraint when thinking of beating a dead horse. If Rodriguez wants to make a sequel, we’d much rather him take another crack at Sin City than recycling the first three Spy Kids.