Stanley Tucci Lands Caesar Flickerman Role In ‘Hunger Games’

Stanley tucciHave people started calling Stanley Tucci “The Tucc” (rhymes with skooch)? If not, we should create and internet petition because that needs to happen.

Anyway, The Tucc has landed the role of Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games. Flickerman is the flamboyant host of the Hunger Games, much like Ryan Seacrest. However, unlike Seacrest, the people who watch don’t want to burn him in a living effigy. He’s big, loud and paints his whole face. Needless to say, The Tucc will eat this role up.

Honestly when I was casting this in my head I saw a really fat guy with a powdered face that couldn’t really get a word out through the turkey leg he was gobbling. But The Tucc is about as near perfect as you can get with this role. I’m already giddy with excitement.

Source: Hollywood Reporter