The Rock, George Costanza, and 8 Other Surprising ‘Star Trek’ Aliens

Credit: UPN

Most of the conversation about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film Star Trek Into Darkness has circled around its central villain: John Harrison. We’re not quite sure who he is, where he’s from, or what he’s up to, but we do know that he can handle himself atop a war horse or on the battlefields of Middle Earth. Benedict Cumberbatch, star of War Horse and The Hobbit, takes on the ominous role in the upcoming Star Trek picture, joining the ranks of many famous names who have embodied a wide variety of forms in Gene Roddenberry’s universe. From Dwayne Johnson’s Pendari king to a Sex and the City alum’s Vulcan ambassador, the franchise has assembled a good number of film and TV stars as alien creatures.

We’ve collected some of our favorite Trek cameos, ranging from appearances in the old films to the more recent series, in a new gallery celebrating the forthcoming film Star Trek Into Darkness. Check out which surprising individuals became extraterrestrial beings in the days of Star Trek past, and catch Abrams’ new entry in theaters May 16.

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