‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ First Look: What In the Hell Is Spock Doing? — PIC

At long last, the world gets a glimpse at J.J. Abrams’ developing Star Trek Into Darkness movie — a sequel to the director’s first big screen endeavor with the franchise. The younger of us have been awaiting this moment since 2009, when Abrams’ Star Trek hit theaters. But some have endured the longing since 2003’s Nemesis, since The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine in the early ’90s, since the glory days of Wrath of Khan in ’82, and even as far back as the inception of the original series… in 2260.



And now, we get a look into the world that Abrams has created with his second foray into the Star Trek franchise. On Thursday night, the director showcased a three-frame clip (the equivalent of a still image, which lasts for about a tenth of a second) during an appearance on Conan, confirming the shot to depict Spock (Zachary Quinto) inside a volcano.



Star Trek Into Darkness


But what exactly Spock might be doing is still very much a mystery. Of course, one tenth of a second isn’t enough time to really earn any context on a situation, so we’re bound to root our theories elsewhere: past incarnations of Star Trek, of Abrams, of Quinto, of volcanoes… of pretty much any bit of pop culture we can wrangle to explain the above image. One of these guesses has got to be at least close, right?



Spock is actually exploring the glowing cave from Lost


“Volcano” could mean anything. Sure, it usually means “volcano,” but perhaps here, it means “majestic cave of liquid energy.” And maybe Spock, as a Vulcan, has the ability to explore the cave without being transformed into a monstrous cloud of smoke. That’s a handy skill, you know. There’s probably some good stuff in there.



“Fire everything!”


Remember towards the end of Abrams’ Star Trek, when the villainous Captain Nero (Eric Bana) shouted, “Fire everything!”? Well, that sounded like a good idea to the director, who appears to have applied it very literally here. Okay, that wasn’t so much a theory as it was just a horrible pun… but honestly, isn’t that just as good?



Sylar killed a dragon, became a fire-breather


Although we opt not to recall Quinto’s turn on the great-then-horrible sci-fi drama Heroes, it is interesting to think back on his time as a supervillain with a knack for stealing powers. If Quinto could, in fact, gain the power of fire-breathing, maybe he has chosen to apply it here: in space! Where fire supply is at an all time low, mind you. The More You Know.



J.J. Abrams is actually making that firefighter movie from Entourage


Remember when Vincent lost his starring role in Smoke Jumpers? Well, someone else had to earn that spot: maybe it was Mister Spock, depicted here the heat of the action* as the drama’s central firefighter.



Ask Ben Wyatt


Okay, fine, we admit it. We have no idea what Spock is doing in that volcano. But do you know who might? Senatorial campaign manager Ben Wyatt, who shared his own talents with Star Trek fan fiction on Thursday night’s episode of Parks and Recreation: “Data had never felt this way before. Of course, Data had never felt anything before…” Can you please write the third movie, Mr. Wyatt?



[Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures]





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