‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Super Bowl Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Pure Evil

Star Trek Into Darkness Chris Pine Kirk

Up until now, you might have worried that Benedict Cumberbatch wouldn’t be able to capture the menace you want in your Star Trek Into Darkness villain. Perhaps you were hung up by the actor’s nice guy demure — the wholesome nature borne from his War Horse role, his The Hobbit whimsy, or the fact that his name makes him sound like a Charles Dickens haberdasher.

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But as proven by the new trailer for the J.J. Abrams feature, premiering during Super Bowl XLVII, Cumberbatch knows his way around a chill.

The trailer depicts a brief faceoff between Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Cumberbatch’s ambiguous (Khan?) baddie. In addition to kindling a new fear for the British thesp, the trailer gets us hyped for Abrams’ next turn with the Enterprise. Check out the trailer below, and catch Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters May 17.

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[Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures]

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