‘Star Trek’: Uniforms Revealed!

Trekkies will have a lot to talk about this Friday over copies of the new Entertainment Weekly. The magazine will provide fans with an exclusive look at the JJ Abrams’ Star Trek and details from the mags set visit. 

Can’t wait that long? Click here for a chance to see the cover featuring Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine).

Blogs are already buzzing over the leaked cover revealing the first color images of the Star Trek bridge uniforms. Trekmovie.com’s Anthony Pascale points out that the new duds are in line with the original series and “there is a grey/black undershirt and second v-neck shirt over that (red, blue or gold). If you look closely you can see that the over shirt has the delta shield as a repeating pattern in the weave and the undershirt also has a subtle emblem embossed on the chest.”

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