Karaoke Night At the ‘Star Wars’ Cantina: The Chorus Is Strong with This One

In the Star Wars universe, the cantina on Tatooine is known for being a pretty rough place. Obi-Wan took his lightsaber and cut off Ponda Baba’s arm. Han Solo had a blaster face-off with Greedo. And they don’t let droids in, which is just plain rude. But Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist clan have turned the cantina into a (slightly) more fun-loving locale by starting karaoke night.

Hardwick called on a few of his friends to help out with the video, including Jason Schwartzman, Patton Oswalt, Carrie Keagan, and Mike Phirman. Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) himself even showed up.

Credit: Nerdist

Karaoke night at the cantina isn’t too much different than any other night at the cantina. The scummy clientele speak in incomprehensible languages, the band plays some catchy tunes, and Han shoots first. But, in addition to all that, Lando Calrissian gets everyone to join in on a stirring rendition of “West Coast.” 

All in all, I think karaoke night should be a permanent fixture at the cantina. It brings an interesting mix to the general villainy found there. Also, who doesn’t love Ewoks? Yub nub!

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