‘Star Wars VII’ Rumor Roundup: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sullivan Stapleton, and a Tall British Man

Daniel Day LewisKIKA/WENN.com

As exhausting as the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors are, we really find it hard to resist keeping up with every one of them. We’ve already seen the rumor mill stretch from every corner of Hollywood, from Benedict Cumberbatch (who we have already identified to be a bad choice for the movie) to Saosorie Ronan, to Simon Pegg, and so on. Now we’ve got even more casting reports to mull over: Latino Review adds the murky reports that Sullivan Stapleton, star of the upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire, has read for an undisclosed part in the new Star Wars film, having then gone and blabbed about it, which has some higher ups in LucasFilm seeing red. The site also tweeted that Daniel Day-Lewis was spotted eating lunch with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. Could the legendary actor pop up in Tatooine in the near future?

In other news, it looks like Lucasfilm is begging its quest to find the new Chewbacca. In an interview with BBC News, Lanky brit Jonny Mathers, who stands at a perfectly Chewbacca-sized 7-foot-3-inches, answered a casting call for an unspecified film Disney/LucasFilm/Bad Robot production, though it doesn’t take a genius to guess what film it is. (No, not Red Tails 2). Mathers says that he believes the role has to be none other than Chewbacca, since the actor who played the role in the original films was the same height as him.

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