‘Star Wars’ Authors Aaron Allston, Drew Karpyshyn & More Share Wish Lists for New Films

Star Wars The Old Republic Annihilation by Drew KarpyshynOne of the first things diehard Star Wars fans thought when news broke that a new trilogy set after Return of the Jedi will be made was this: “What will Episodes VII, VIII, and IX mean for the Expanded Universe?”

The timeline after the destruction of the second Death Star and the deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor has already been heavily explored. Dozens of novels since 1991’s Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn have furthered the saga, showing us how the Rebel Alliance became the New Republic — not to mention the marriage of Princess Leia and Han Solo, the birth of their three children, Luke Skywalker’s efforts to rebuild the Jedi Order, and eventually his own nuptials to feisty Emperor’s Hand-turned-Jedi Mara Jade. The events depicted in these novels have always been considered to be canon. But is it a continuity that will be honored by screenwriter Michael Arndt and director J.J. Abrams when Episode VII hits theaters in 2015? 

When you talk to the Expanded Universe authors themselves, however, you find that’s not something that overly concerns them. They’re such big Star Wars fans the biggest issue for them is the fact we have to wait three long years to see the words “A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away….” on the big screen. And, like any fans, they have some major opinions about what they want to see from the new films. We reached out to eight of the most prominent authors in Star Wars publishing — Drew Karpyshyn, Paul S. Kemp, Troy Denning, John Jackson Miller, James Luceno, Michael Reaves, Christie Golden, and Aaron Allston — and asked them what they hope to see from the new films, what supporting or Expanded Universe characters they’d like to see get a bigger role, and how, if they are indeed fated in these movies to become One with the Force, they would like to see Luke, Han, and Leia die. Here’s what each had to say.

Drew Karpyshyn, author of Star Wars: The Old Republic — Annihilation

What I Hope to See from Episodes VII-IX: I’d like to see films that are directed towards an older, more mature audience. It felt like Episodes I-III were directed at children and a generally younger demographic – which is great for bringing in new fans – but as an adult Star Wars fan I’d like to return to the darker, more serious tone of The Empire Strikes Back.

What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: Obviously I’d love to see the films explore the Old Republic era; I think there’s so much potential there, particularly with a character like Darth Bane. (The fact that I wrote three Darth Bane novels in no way makes me biased!)

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How I Want to See Luke, Han, or Leia Die: My hope is that they live to ripe old ages before passing away peacefully. I’d prefer to see their role in the later films be more as mentors/advisors in the same way Obi-Wan was in the original trilogy, though I hope they don’t all end up having to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. These characters have paid their dues, so as a fan I don’t want to see them suffer an untimely or violent death.

Paul Kemp, author of Star Wars: The Old Republic—Deceived

What I Hope to See from Episodes VII-IX: What I really hope to see is love of the underlying subject matter. I think Star Wars is a phenomenon because it’s more than just a space opera or space fantasy (take your pick). It’s a mythic story and touches at something deep in the human experience. It’s built on a foundation of heroic myth and heroic transformation and that’s what makes it so appealing, generation after generation. I’d just like to see the new stories build off that foundation (because it’s a rich one, and there is lots of room for new and wonderful stories, all while hewing to the mythic structure).

What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: Hmm. That’s a real toughie so I’m just going to weasel a bit. I’d very much like to see a female Jedi in one of the leading roles. In that regard, Jaina Solo would be excellent, but there are many others to choose from.

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How I Want to See Luke, Han, or Leia Die: If they have to die, Han and Leia should go out together, wrapped in each other’s arms. “I love you,” he says. She smiles and answers, “I know.” And then it’s lights out. Yeah, that’d work. As for Luke, I think Luke has to go out in a grand, self-sacrificing way, with full knowledge of what he’s doing before he does it, and all in service to the greater good of rebuilding the Jedi Order. Ideally, just before he goes out he’d see the Force ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin (thus recalling for the viewer/reader the iconic ending of Return of the Jedi), and in dying Luke would take his place among them.

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Star Wars Crucible by Troy DenningTroy Denning, author of Star Wars: Crucible (Out July 9)

What I Hope to See from Episodes VII-IX: This time, I think it would be fun to follow the hero’s journey of a young woman, the way we followed Luke’s journey in Episodes IV – VI. And I want the thrilling lightsaber duels and epic starship battles of Episodes I-III. Give me three films that combine great action with mythic themes, and I’ll be a happy fan.

What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: Jaina Solo, without a doubt. Jaina is Han and Leia’s only surviving child, and one of the most capable members of the Jedi Order. She’s emerging as the leader of the next generation, and she’s one of the most popular characters in the novel line. I don’t think there could be a better choice.

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How I Want to See Luke, Han, or Leia Die: I’d want to see Luke go fairly early, in an incredible display of Jedi power that saves his companions and/or deals the villain a real setback. And I’d want his sacrifice to become a rallying point for the good guys. I’d want him to become more dangerous to the villain in death than he was in life.

Han and Leia should go out as a team, executing a cunning trick that sets the villain up for a hard fall. I wouldn’t want a lot of on-screen sentimentality, just a sense of courageous self-sacrifice from Leia and, from Han, a smug smirk. But as the final moment comes, I’d want to see them together — holding hands or leaning in for a final kiss — because that’s who these characters are, two people in love to the last.

John Jackson Miller, author of the upcoming Star Wars: Kenobi (Out Sept. 24)

What I hope to see from Episodes VII-IX: It’s something I’ve speculated about since I first saw them mentioned in Lucas’s Time magazine interview back in 1980. My presumption would be that, obviously, it jumps ahead a generation, matching the gap between the other two trilogies — and I would assume that it takes on the larger themes of the ongoing series: power and temptation. My assumption was always that Luke, not Anakin, was really the “chosen one” who brought “balance to the Force” — but as those lines weren’t in the original trilogy, they could also take this opportunity to bookend that section by addressing it anew.

Something delving more into Sith philosophy and why it’s attractive would be fun to see. I did a deep dive into Sithiness with my Lost Tribe of the Sith stories — their all-for-me-nothing-for-you views are interesting, as are the challenges with achieving power on a galactic stage. You can see why Palpatine had to hijack an existing government — they’re not the most attractive bosses to work with!

I would also hope to see something addressing one of the broader issues that I’ve attempted to take up in stories in other parts of the timeline (in Knights of the Old Republic and Knight Errant) — namely, the love-hate relationship between the Jedi and the Republic, which is a far larger organization. The Jedi do a lot for the Republic, yes, but they’ve also been more trouble than they’re worth on more than one occasion. One can imagine the Republic chancellor finally revoking the Jedi Council’s parking spaces!

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What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: From the movies, it’d be a blast to see Lando as Chancellor. The gamblers, smugglers, and criminals have sort of a world of their own, apart from what’s going on in the galactic drama between the Jedi and the Sith.

From the Expanded Universe, most of my work has been in the past or distant past, so if we’re getting pantheons of blue ghosts, there’s a range of folks that would be fun to see, from Arca Jeth to my own Zayne Carrick and Kerra Holt. There are some old villains that could do turns in holographic form, too. And practically every droid from the past has at least a theoretical chance of still being around. If we see a droid that’s refusing to do any work, that’d be Elbee from the KOTOR comics. Sitting immobile for 4,000 years would suit him just fine!

Star Wars Darth Plagueis by James LucenoHow I want to see Luke, Han, or Leia die: I’m certain that I don’t want to see that — it’s much more fun to imagine them living on. It would be preferable to think that they died while sitting on a beach drinking blue martinis delivered by serving droids — but I imagine that’s not very cinematic!

James Luceno, author of Star Wars: Darth Plageuis

What I Hope to See from Episodes VII-IX: A new and perilous threat — of the Sith sort, to be certain that the dark and light sides of Force, as well as lightsabers, are heavily featured.

What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: If for whatever reasons the Sith don’t figure into the film plots, I would love to see an appearance by the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong, who battled the Jedi through the twenty-one Expanded Universe novels that comprise The New Jedi Order.

How I Want to See Luke, Han, or Leia Die: Luke, with lightsaber in hand, in a blaze of glory; Han, Leia and the Millennium Falcon in an act of heroic sacrifice.

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Star Wars The Last Jedi by Michael ReavesMichael Reaves, co-author of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Out Feb. 26)

What I Hope to See from Episodes VII-IX: The latest estimates for the Milky Way suggest literally billions of Earthlike worlds. With lifeforms like gigantic space slugs that can live in hard vacuum, it’s obvious that life in the GFFA is at least as tenacious as it is here, if not more so.

My tendency is to poke around the backwaters and the seedier places of these many and richly varied worlds. There are many other monomyths and archetypes besides the Hero’s Journey. One thing I do not want to see is the same storyline with new faces.

What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: Hey, I’m not gonna be disingenuous; I’d love for Jax Pavan and I-Five to get a shot.

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How I Want to See Luke, Han, or Leia Die: Saving the galaxy. They’re heroes, right? So let ’em die heroically.

Christie Golden, author of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi—Ascension

What I Hope to See from Episodes VII-IX: Follow-up adventures with Luke, Han and Leia! I would be amenable to seeing new actors in the old roles if Lucasfilm wants to pick up right where Return of the Jedi left off, but the actors would have to be VERY well cast. I’d actually love to see Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford reprise the roles of Luke, Leia and Han…alongside their kids! 😉

What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: Vestara Khai. *coughs a little* Okay…Pocket the chitlik. No? Seriously, though, the Skywalker and Solo offspring are such terrific characters in their own right, it would be wonderful to see them brought to life.

How I Want to See Luke, Han, or Leia Die: Oh this question is just cruel! Well…if they HAVE to, Han or Leia would have to die sacrificing him/herself for the other. And I want a “dies in your arms” scene, darn it, if either one has to go. Luke…should die alone, of his own free choice, saving countless lives. It should be set to John Williams’ most beautiful music, and I better see Luke become One with the Force pretty much immediately or I will not be responsible for all that Kleenex on the movie theater floor.

Star Wars X-Wing Mercy Kill by Aaron AllstonAaron Allston, author of Star Wars: X-Wing—Mercy Kill

What I Hope to See from Episodes VII-IX: Could I see “Screenplay by Aaron Allston”? No?

Well, barring that, I’d like to see the story move away from the Skywalkers, Solos, even the Jedi a bit, reminding us that there are other people doing important things in the galaxy. I’d like to see a greater proportion of female characters. I want to see more spectacle — Tatooine junkyards and bongo interiors aren’t exactly challenges for ILM’s skills. And I hope to see a return to the lightheartedness and humor of A New Hope, putting the fatalism of the prequels behind us.

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What secondary or Expanded Universe character I’d Like to See Get the Spotlight: This kind of depends on exactly when in the timeline Episodes VII through IX take place. Timothy Zahn’s Mara Jade would always be a good choice. The next-generation Solos and Skywalkers, such as Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker, would be welcome. If any sort of espionage is in the offing, some sort of nod to my own Wraith Squadron characters would be a thrill for me.

But what I really hope to see most is any sort of appearance by recognizable EU characters, which would be an acknowledgement that the EU is a significant part of what constitutes Star Wars.

How I Want to See Luke, Han, or Leia Die: You know, I actually don’t want to see them die in the movies, and it’s not just because of affection for the characters.

Action movie characters live pretty tortured lives. There’s no chance of them appearing on-screen for 90 minutes of shopping or gossip, so any time we put them in front of the camera, it’s for punishment. At a certain point, we recognize there’s no way they can keep doing this and survive, so we kill them, an act so common and callous we don’t even refer to it as killing them — it’s “killing them off.” Ellen Ripley. Bernard Quatermass. Hoban “Wash” Washburne. Sometimes characters die because their portrayers can only show up for one or two day’s filming, and the director and producer decide to maximize those three minutes of screen time by whacking the character.

Me, I’m all for having Luke, Leia, and Han be in a scene showing them knocking back shots of Corellian brandy while playing cards. Then the screen can go through a 1940s-style wipe and the camera can zoom in on their descendants saving the galaxy for a new generation.

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