‘Star Wars’ Officially Nabs ‘Toy Story 3’ Writer: Love It or Hate It?

star wars

It seems like only yesterday we were contemplating who the writer was going to be for the first in the new Star Wars trilogy. And now we have our answer. Lucasfilm confirmed Toy Story 3 (and Hunger Games: Catching Fire) scribe Michael Arndt has been selected to develop the plot for 2015’s Episode VII, reports StarWars.com

Though the news shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how the legendary sci-fi franchise was just bought by the House the Mouse Built (a.k.a. Disney). Call it a coincidence (or even a coinkydink), because according to Deadline, Arndt was involved in the project long before George Lucas sold out Lucasfilm.

Ahead of landing the writing job for the highly-anticipated 2015 film, the Oscar-winner wrote treatments for all three upcoming Star Wars films. Apparently his work was good enough because he will be the only screenwriter to tackle the text for the first of the three films.

But only time can tell if a writer who has churned out a Disney moneymaker can satisfy the Star Wars purists. As long as Luke Skywalker’s next battle scene isn’t against a cartoon character we should be fine.

What do you think of the collaboration? Are you all for it, or are you against keeping it in the family? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Photo Credit: Lucasfilm]


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