Steamy Romance or Crazy Action: Which Was Harder for the ‘Skyfall’ Bond Girls?



Back in May of this year, visited the set of the latest James Bond adventure, Skyfall, where the leading ladies of the film, Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe, told us that everything we knew about “Bond Girls” was out the window. Unlike older films in the series, their roles didn’t limit them to being 007’s arm candy. They were real characters who had real problems and, while they may have had some steamy scenes opposite Daniel Craig, they still get in on the action.

Now that we’ve seen the film, we can agree: these ladies kick butt. sat down with Harris and Marlohe to talk about their modernized roles, and finally answering the age old question: which is more difficult to shoot, the romantic scene or the action scene? Each of their roles required both and, based on the film, they tackled each with equal intensity.

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