Stephen Collins Joins ‘The Three Stooges’

Stephen CollinsWhenever I saw Stephen Collins on 7th Heaven, my first thought after ranting about the name of the program was “how in the hell is he not thinking inappropriate things about his fictional daughter Jessica Biel?” But I guess that is the power of ACTING!

Anyway, Collins has joined the cast of the Farrelly Brother’s The Three Stooges, playing someone who shows up at the orphanage where the trio of funny men are to adopt one of them. Larry David and Jane Lynch are nuns in this orphanage and the stooges are played by grown men Sean Hayes (sure), Will Sasso (ugh), and Chris Diamantopoulos (who?). So how exactly does Collins plan to adopt a grown man? Oh god, does this mean they’re pulling a Little Man? Oh god, the horrors, the horrors.

Source: Variety