Stephen Dorff on Being ‘Naked’ for Sofia Coppola in ‘Somewhere’

For a movie as quiet and subtle as any in recent memory, Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere has proved quite the polarizer. Some critics have praised its mannered, minimalist approach to the story of a movie star whose ready access to beautiful women, exotic sports cars, and the various other trappings of modern celebrity leave him feeling empty and alone. Others have decried it as a pretentious, aimless bore. (For the record, I side firmly with the former.) Far less debatable is that Stephen Dorff, an actor previously consigned to playing B-list villains, issues a career-revitalizing performance in the lead role of Johnny Marco.

I recently caught up with Dorff for an exclusive interview. Any plans for snide Blade-related remarks were immediately shelved when Dorff proved exceedingly friendly, thoughtful, and, as you’ll see in the clip, forthcoming:

Somewhere is now playing in select theaters.