Steve Carell and Seth Rogen as the New Ghostbusters?

Say it isn’t so! According to an Internet rumor (are they any other kind these days?), funnymen Steve Carell and Seth Rogen may join a new version of the comedy classic Ghostbusters.

Reported by, who quotes “a reliable source, who cannot be named,” Carell and Rogen will join the original four Ghostbusters–Dan Akroyd, Bill MurrayHarold Ramis and Ernie Hudson–for a third film.

The Web site says the original GhostBusters stars will hand over their “proton packs” and hand over the reins to the newbies for more ghostbustin’ adventures.

Could it work? Probably. Should it be made? Probably not. The age-old question begs to be asked: Why mess with a classic?