Steve Carell To Star In, Produce ‘Of All the Things’

ALT TEXTThere’s no hotter commodity in Hollywood right now than one man — Steve Carell.

The actor just signed on to star in and produce the feature remake of the 2008 documentary Of All the Things about songwriter-producer Dennis Lambert — the man responsible for “Rhinestone Cowboy,” “Nightshift,” and of course, this awesome song.

The doc tells Lambert’s odd but touching story. His one album, titled Bags and Things, completely bombed in the United States, but strangely enough, became insanely popular in the Philippines. At age 60, years after the album’s release when Lambert had moved to Florida to be a real estate broker (side note: WTF?), he was convinced to tour the Philippines. His son, Joey Lambert, filmed the tour and made the documentary.

Now that story will be turned into a full length feature film with Carell as — we assume — Dennis Lambert.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley singed on to write the screenplay. The duo is also scripting the upcoming magician flick Burt Wonderstone, which Carell is rumored to star in.

No one is quite sure what the studio wants from this film — a comedy, drama, or something that falls into that clever middle ground: a dramedy. Personally, I’d love to see the writers give a more dramatic tone. Carell, best known for his comedic work in The Office, can take on serious roles quite well. Remember him in Little Miss Sunshine? Or Dan in Real Life?. If the writers take it in that direction, Carell could give a solid performance that might morph him from funnyman to go-to leading man in Hollywood.

Source: Variety