Steve Carrell, Jack Black, & Nic Cage Join ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Writers’ Latest

charlie kaufmanWell that headline is enough to make me squeal for joy (which I have already done).

The famed screenwriter turned director Charlie Kaufman has added three very funny guys to his latest directorial effort, Frank or Francis: Steve Carell, Jack Black and Nicolas Cage.

Why is this awesome? For starters, Kaufman is a fantastic writer. The last time he and Cage worked together we got the utterly brilliant Adaptation. And Carell and Black are two phenomenal comic actors who should just act the hell out of this thing. We don’t really know what the story is about, but this is the guy that wrote Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! If that’s not a lifetime pass, I don’t know what is.

My only concern about this is Kaufman’s directing. The last thing he directed was Synecdoche, New York and that was WEIRD. I don’t want to flat out say that Kaufman works better in a team than as an individual because that was his first effort. I’ll wait till his third to see if a pattern emerges, but I am concerned. I don’t want this to be bad. I want it to be amazing, but there’s the tiniest bit of doubt there. Here’s to giving it your best, Mr. Kaufman.

Source: Deadline