Steve Coogan Brings His Alter Ego to the Big Screen in ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ Trailer

Oh, those Brits. We know that our friends across the pond like their dry humor almost as much as they like their tea. And while you’ve probably seen English comedian Steve Coogan in movies such as Night at the Museum and Tropic Thunder, you may not be familiar with his most famous character, radio host Alan Partridge.

Credit: Studio Canal

The incompetent DJ has been popular in the UK for over 20 years, starred in multiple radio and TV shows, and now he’s getting his shot at the big screen. The full trailer has been released for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which finds Alan trying to negotiate with his former coworker who has taken over the radio station after he gets fired. As you can see, Alan’s not the most reliable person to handle such a delicate situation, but watching him try is pretty hilarious. The film hits theaters (or cinemas, as the Brits say) in the UK on Aug. 7. 

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