Steven Soderbergh Will Actually Retire From Filmmaking

ALT TEXTWelp, it’s official. According to Matt Damon, Steven Soderbergh was not fucking around. The Oscar-winning director plans to retire from filmmaking in the near future.

“He’s retiring, he’s been talking about it for years and it’s getting closer,” Damon told the LA Times. Soderbergh turns 48 next month and if that sounds young, Damon continued, that’s the point. The actor is currently working with Soderbergh on the pandemic thriller Contagion and said he’s consciously trying to enjoy his time working with him, because he knows it won’t last forever.

So, there you have it. Looks like Soderbergh was not pulling a Joaquin Phoenix on the world when, two years ago, he told Esquire he would retire from filmmaking at age 51 — his 25th year as a filmmaker.

“He wants to paint and he says he’s still young enough to have another career,” Damon said. “He’s kind of exhausted with everything that interested him in terms of form. He’s not interested in telling stories. Cinema interested him in terms of form and that’s it. He says, ‘If I see another over-the-shoulder shot, I’m going to blow my brains out.’ “

Considering he’s made some pretty kick-ass movies over the years (and is the only filmmaker to be nominated twice for an Academy Award in the same year for best director with Erin Brockovich and Traffic), this seems a bit odd. Damon doesn’t really understand either and tried to convince Soderbergh that he was out of his mind.

“After I worked with Clint [Eastwood] I went back and said, ‘Look, Clint is having a blast and he’s going to be 80 years old.’ And Steven says back, ‘Yeah, but he’s a storyteller and I’m not,’” Damon said. “If you’re an actor or a writer or someone working in film, it’s such a waste. For me, I’m going to spend the next 40 years trying to become a great director and I will never reach what he’s reached. And he’s walking away from it.”

But alas! You know, as they say, when you need to paint, YOU NEED TO PAINT. Duh! Also, who else is pumped to see Damon start directing? I mean, all of the films will probably have something to do with Boston, but whatever. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah. Steven Soderbergh is going to retire, so, you know, go watch Ocean’s Eleven as a tribute or something.

Source: LA Times