Steven Soderbergh Will Make A Male Stripper Movie With Channing Tatum

Steve SoderberghDid you know Channing Tatum used to be a stripper? True story! When Steven Soderbergh first heard that, his initial reaction wasn’t “oh, how interesting!” or “that’s an unusual profession to support yourself with while you work on becoming an actor!” No, his first reaction was “I want to make a movie about this!” So he’s going to. With Channing Tatum. The film will be called Magic Mike and is being written by Reid Carolin.

Of course, he still has two movies scheduled to make before this sure-to-be-epic stripper movie. The first being his long-gestating Liberace biopic with Matt Damon and Michael Douglas, the second an adaptation of the classic TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Additionally, he’s not yet released his two most recent movies: the action thriller Haywire and the apocalyptic virus thriller Contagion. So perhaps retirement is still a ways off for the Oscar winning auteur. Maybe by that time Tatum will no longer be in stripping shape and will instead be forced to take on the wise old mentor role while the youngest hot shot beef cake Hollywood has to offer will disrobe. Or perhaps Soderbergh will take a cue from Che and make it a 5 hour epic. That would be funny. In theory. I wouldn’t want to sit through a movie like that. Although, if it were in 3D…

Source: Deadline