Steven Spielberg Commits To ‘Robopocalypse’

Steven SpielbergWith two highly anticipated films set for release in the winter of 2011 (War Horse and The Adventures of Tin Tin), speculation has run rampant over which project Steven Spielberg would next commit to. As the most successful and recognizable face in the film industry around the world, the Academy Award winning auteur has dozens upon dozens of films lined up for production, but most of them won’t get much of his attention. While I had personally hoped that he’d get Lincoln going next (with or without Liam Neeson) it appears that he’s taking on more expensive science fiction as Deadline reports that Robopocalypse is on deck.

Drew Goddard penned the adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s epic novel about the human race’s attempt to survive an apocalyptic robot uprising and the new plan is to shoot the film in January 2012 for a summer 2013 release. It would be the second film of his that Disney would distribute following the period action-drama War Horse.

While I’m certainly excited at the prospect of a new Spielberg film, the terms “robots” and “robot uprising” are about as tired as I am after a 10 hour work day. He’s already toyed with that sort of thing as executive producer of the Transformers films and the upcoming Real Steel, granted that those are (hopefully) lighter than what he’ll cook up for Robopocalypse. I think that this decision has come from Spielberg the business man rather than Spielberg the artist. Maybe it’s just the annoying name that turns me off, but when I hear that he’s directing a new film, I’m always eager and giddy. I am not either of those right now.  

Source: Deadline