Streisand And Rogen Play Mother And Son?

ALTALTBarbra Streisand and Seth Rogen have been offered roles in comedy My Mother’s Curse. Rogen would play Streisand’s son, an inventor who convinces his mother to accompany him on a road trip in order to reunite her with an old flame. Anne Fletcher of 27 Dresses is attached to direct the film, with a script from Dan Fogelman of Cars and Bolt.

My Mother’s Curse would be Barbra Streisand’s first film appearance since 2004’s Meet The Fockers, while Seth Rogen is downright ubiquitous, appearing in upcoming action flick The Green Hornet and cancer comedy Live With It. It’s hard to doubt the pair’s comedy chops, but Streisand is as divisive as Rogen is likable. It may be hard for the filmmakers to overcome the knee-jerk reaction that Seth Rogen’s target young, male audience has to the middle-aged singer (not having her sing would be a good start). Still, casting like this would lend the film some solid chick-flick appeal, and when was the last time you saw a woman-oriented comedy that was actually funny? There’s a gap in the market to be filled for sure.

Here’s the official summary of the film, from Production Weekly

    “The young inventor of a new organic cleaning product invites his mother on a cross-country road trip as he tries to sell his product to marketing outlets. His   ulterior motive is to reunite her with a man she loved when she was young, and her motive is to help him overcome his ‘curse’ of non-commitment in relationships, for which she blames herself.”

Source: The Playlist