Summer Movie Pool Party: Characters We’d Invite


ALTThere are no better ways to beat the hazy days of summer than by jumping in a pool or heading to your local air-conditioned multiplex to check out the latest summer blockbuster. So why not keep extra cool and combine both activities? And no, we don’t mean by bringing a kiddie pool to your favorite theater. (Believe us, we’ve tried.)

Instead, invite some of the biggest stars from the summer’s most anticipated flicks over for a pool party. We’ve compiled our own list of characters from some of this season’s most anticipated flicks that we’d like to have sit poolside with us at a summer bash.

From Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (already in the proper attire, can provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if needed) to Katy Perry from her upcoming 3D movie Katy Perry: Part of Me (because no poolside bash would be complete without a true California girl), check out out our Summer Movie Pool Party wish list here!