Summit to Release 3D “Three Musketeers” Next Summer

paul w.s. andersonSource: The Hollywood Reporter

Since as recently as Tuesday, Summit Entertainment has agreed to distribute Paul W.S. Anderson’s tale of “The Three Musketeers.” Shooting of the famous French “all for one, one for all” story will begin almost immediately in August, to meet the film’s target release date of summer 2011.

Warner Bros. also has a production of “Three Musketeers” lined up, with Doug Liman directing. Filming for that production is set to begin filming in the fall, which is certainly one of the reasons Summit is looking to get the ball rolling so quickly on their production.

Ray Stevenson (“The Book of Eli”) will play Porthos, Luke Evans (“Clash of the Titans”), will play Aramis, and Matthew Macfayden (“Robin Hood”) will appear as Athos. The villans Cardinal Richelieu will be embodied by Oscar winner Christoph Waltz, and Mads Mikkelsen will represent the other offender, Rochefort. Mila Jovovich (Anderson’s wife) was cast as Milady de Winter.