Sundance 2011: IFC Purchases Festival Standout ‘The Ledge’

The LedgeIFC has been on a roll recently, picking up several buzz-worthy films from Sundance that might not have gotten distribution otherwise. The latest acquisition is The Ledge, a character driven drama about a guy threatening to jump off the top of a building. Well, it’s slightly more complicated than that: The guy jumping is an atheist involved in a love triangle with a woman and the other guy is a big believer who actually talked him up to the roof in the first place. Then throw in a detective assigned to talk him down and you have your twisted thriller.

The company paid just over $1 million for the picture and you can expect to see it in limited release and on select VOD services this Spring. The official (and by official, we mean the looks-like-someone-just-read-how-to-sell-your-movie-101 manual) synopsis is below:

In this race-against-time thriller, the opposing philosophies of two men embroiled in a complicated love triangle with a beautiful woman (Liv Tyler) escalate into a lethal battle of wills. Ultimately, the believer (Patrick Wilson) forces the non-believer (Charlie Hunnam) onto the ledge of a tall building. He gives him one hour to make a choice between his own life and someone else’s, while a policeman (Terrence Howard) tries to convince him to come down. Without faith of an afterlife, will he be capable of such a sacrifice? The Ledge is a nuanced character study of love and conviction that will force you to ask how far you’d be willing to go for what you believe in.

Source: THR