‘Super 8′ Nabs Kyle Chandler And Elle Fanning

Kyle ChandlerWe can now use two hands to count everything we know about Super 8! (But just barely two hands).

1 and 2: Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning are in it. We don’t know who or what they play, but we know they got parts. Kyle Chandler is known for Friday Night Lights, a show that everyone recommends to me, but growing up in a football frenzied town in the South just doesn’t appeal to me. Elle Fanning is the sister of Dakota Fanning. And seeing how she was born in 1998 (1998!), looks kinda creepy, and just got cast in a J.J. Abrams movie (thus earning my daily dose of jealousy), she shall not be commented upon.

3: J.J. and Steven Spielberg are behind it.

4: This super awesome trailer.

5: It’s about three kids who discover aliens in some Super 8 footage of theirs. And this isn’t even officially confirmed!

6: It’s coming out next summer.

There. You officially know as much as we do about Super 8. And we’re professionals.

Source: NY Mag