Superhero Girlfriends: Drop or Save?


ALTLove makes us do crazy things. You needn’t look any further than every superhero ever to discover that. The driving force behind every masked male crusader isn’t just to make his city streets safer or bring peace to the world by stopping an unrelenting villain, but to win over the girl. Often putting their lives – and the lives of countless others – in jeopardy, superheros will leap tall buildings, stock their lairs with cool gadgets and cars, and live life as mysterious, tortured souls all for their lady. (Okay, so not entirely different from real-life guys.) 

While some damsels in distress occasionally save the day, we looked back at which superhero girlfriends made a great match and which ones just weren’t worth the trouble. From The Amazing Spider-Man‘s (and fine, Spider-Man 3‘s) Gwen Stacy to Superman‘s Lois Lane, when it comes to superhero girlfriends do they: Drop or Save?


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[Photo credit: Sony]