Superman Casting: Looking for Lois Lane

Lois Lane and SupermanBy now you probably know that Henry Cavill has landed the role as Superman in Zack Snyder’s reboot, The Man of Steel, but who will be the lucky lady who wins the hero’s affections? Lois Lane is arguably the epitome of the classic leading lady. She’s tough, independent, sensitive and wildly gorgeous. The proportions of these traits and additions of others has varied for as long as Lois Lane has been the lady love to Superman, changing with the characteristics and ideals of most American women. If Superman is America’s hero, she’s America’s ideal woman. No pressure, eh? The shortlist for the new Lois has already hit the web, but here are the ladies we’d put in the running for the iconic role.

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway

I know, I know. She’s already out because of her Catwoman role, but wouldn’t she really be the best candidate for the job? If Snyder goes with the Modern Age version of Lois, he’ll need someone who’s tough, self-reliant, yet with a gentle side. Hathaway’s versatile, glamorous, fiercely independent, funny, but also capable of playing a somber part when necessary. We’ve come to know her because of roles that demanded independence, a sense of humor, immense beauty and genuine charm. She’s got all of those things, it’s just too bad that she’s also got the role of Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Returns because that’s what got her booted from the short list for Lois.

Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdams

This lucky lady is actually on the shortlist for Snyder’s reboot and frankly she’s the only name I agree with. She played a devious, strong-willed love interest to Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes, showcasing her talent for portraying strong women and removing the bad taste she left us with after making it big with boring, girly roles in movies like The Notebook and Wedding Crashers. If we can’t have Hathaway, McAdams is the next best bet.

Rebecca HallRebecca Hall

Hall would make for a more mature, demure Lois Lane, but considering we’re not sure what direction The Man of Steel is taking with the classic leading lady, I’m considering all options here. We’ve seen her in films like Vicky Christina Barcelona where she kept her wits about her amongst the wild lovefest offered up by Javier Bardem and we saw her in The Town where she once again played the rational, strong bank manager while still being fragile enough to need some saving from former Superman contender Jon Hamm. If Snyder is looking to put a more adult spin on the story of Superman, Hall would be his gal.

Olivia WildeOlivia Wilde

This lady would make a great Lois Lane if this Superman flick hopes to play up her feminine, ahem, charms. Getting her to put aside time to film the movie might be difficult considering how busy she is for the next year, but I think she’d be a worthy choice. Her career is just now taking off, so we’ve got little to go by at this point; she’s a solid performer as Dr. Remy Hadley on House and we’re well aware of her assets thanks to the skin-tight body suit she donned for TRON: Legacy. Stepping in as Lois would be a great way to keep her movie mojo going as she seems to pick up role after role after role.

Ashley GreeneAshley Greene

You probably know this striking beauty from the Twilight series, or if you’re smart and have been avoiding those movies like the plague you probably have never heard of her. Despite that the vampire series requires her to recite poorly written lines that sound unnatural, she holds her own on screen and I’m sure she has the potential for better things (I won’t dare say bigger; Stephanie Meyers is just rolling in that sparkly vampire money). Greene is looking to have a big year in 2011 with lots of teen-pleasing flicks, but jumping on board for The Man of Steel would be a great way for her to take her career from tweeny bopper siren to real movie star.

January JonesJanuary Jones

Obviously this choice would require a little time at the salon for a hair color change, but no one can deny that Jones epitomizes old Hollywood glamor. Should Snyder hope to capture a little of the nostalgic charm of Superman’s comic book glory, she’d be a great choice for his lady love. Some versions of Lois Lane paint her as a lady with nothing but marriage on the brain. This era of Lane paints her not so much as a hard-hitting reporter, but a woman who’s simply head over heels for the caped hero. Should Snyder go in this direction, the uber glamorous former Mrs. Don Draper would be an excellent choice.