‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Will Film In Vancouver

Canadian SupermanSuperman might be America’s greatest superhero, but that won’t stop him from filming in Canada. The head of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia claimed today that Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel will shoot in Vancouver when production begins next summer. It’s a long way from the massive Metropolis sets built in Australia for Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, but affords the filmmaker various landscapes to lense just like the Outback did for Singer.

So he might be able to bounce bullets off his chest, but he still enjoys a good tax rebate when he can get one. He might have freezing breath and heat vision but he still chuckles when he hears them say “aboot.” He might be able to fly but he hears the union labor laws up north are easier to navigate. He might have the Fortress of Solitude, but he knows Vancouver can double for Metropolis quite easily.


Source: The Globe and Mail