Superman Rumor Mill: General Lane and Metallo May Pester ‘The Man of Steel’

Metallo Superman ComicIt looks like we may have a Lex Luthor-less Superman movie on the horizon. We’ve already seen the official word that the screenplay for The Man of Steel is heavily influenced by the Superman: Secret Origin which follows Clark Kent from the time he’s a young teen to the time he gets his job at The Daily Planet, but the latest product from the rumor mill is that instead of relying on the bald villain we all know so well, Zack Snyder’s reboot will take on Lois Lane’s father, General Sam Lane, and Metallo.

Metallo’s affront on Superman is simple — his heart is made of Kryptonite. The substance keeps him alive and of course, renders Superman completely helpless. As for General Lane, the rumor is that he leads a military initiative against Superman (part of which is the creation of Metallo) because like many modern film versions of superheros these days, the public greets Superman’s alien powers with apprehension rather than open arms. This seems to be a common theme nowadays; both Christopher Nolan’s Batman and Sam Raimi’s Spiderman face public ire in their adventures. Perhaps this is a symptom of modern audiences? Maybe we’ve all begun to question why people would blindly accept a hero in spandex when most of us would roll our eyes at that kind of crazy in the real world?  Snyder has said he hopes for this reboot to be grounded in a little more reality than past versions and this story could really take it in that direction, however, how Snyder of all directors plans to tackle a more realistic story is beyond me. His style is all about the other-worldly and outlandish elements. (Hello, Sucker Punch.)

If this is in fact the direction the screenplay takes, then it seems that the film will be more than just inspired by Secret Origin. While the original story does account for Luthor, the other plot points are very similar. Now, we still must take this latest rumor with a grain of salt. It could be that the confirmed “inspiration” material spawned the rumor amongst those well-versed in Superman lore, but if it’s correct it wouldn’t be the worst outcome. In fact, using this story may just be the reboot the material needs.

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Source: ScreenRant