Superman vs. The Law in Latest from ‘Man of Steel’ — POSTER

Superman is a crime fighter of the ultimate caliber, capable of soaring to any location in a matter of minutes, able to powerhouse through any dangerous situation, and equipped with precision abilities (see: laser vision) to crack even the stickiest situation. But would his superheroic antics fly in today’s political landscape?

The issue has been mulled over on the pages of comic books for decades, and even in their big screen adaptions (The Dark Knight and Iron Man 2 both question the morality an legality of costumed heroes). Now, the character of Superman may get the treatment, if the latest poster for Man of Steel is to be believed. The one-sheet sees the Big Blue Boy Scout slapped with a pair of handcuffs, actor Henry Cavill abiding despite his character having superhuman strength. Will the world cry afoul against its hero in director Zack Snyder’s upcoming blockbuster?

Check out the poster below. We’ll know what crime Superman has committed when Man of Steel flies into theaters in June 14, 2013.

man of steel poster

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[Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]


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