Supernatural Love Triangles in ‘Twilight,’ ‘True Blood’ & ‘The Vampire Diaries’


As a proud member of the Twi-hard clan, I’ve been obsessively eagerly awaiting the release of the latest movie in the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1. So while I was re-familiarizing myself with the series and rifling through my astounding collection of vampire memorabilia in preparation for the impending film (don’t judge me), I noticed a common trend that exists among several of today’s popular vampire franchises: supernatural love triangles. Whether it’s a television show or a major motion picture, our favorite mystical storylines involve compelling love triangles that leave us all hooked and slightly uncertain of who should get the girl.

In some cases, the girl must choose between a vampire and a werewolf, while other times the rivalry is just among two competing vampires (maybe even a pair of brothers), but either way these human chicks have some big decisions to make and time is running out. So since these characters can’t have their undead cake and eat it too, I’ve decided to make the decision for them by proclaiming who I think should win each girl’s affections.

Check out my reasoning below and see if you agree with the results!

Team Edward

edward, bella, jacob

Let’s start with the love triangle that’s been dominating the globe ever since Twilight hit theaters in November 2008. Edward, Bella, and Jacob continue to form a complicated vampire-werewolf-human web that’s only going to end in heartache. Sure, Jacob is the best friend who stuck by Bella in her dark days of depression, but Edward was Bella’s first love/obsession, which automatically leaves Jacob’s chance of winning slim to none. There’s no denying the power that comes with your first love, it’s exciting and new and will forever hold a permanent place in a girl’s heart. Think back to when Edward momentarily left Bella’s life – it nearly destroyed her – there’s no way she’d willingly choose to be without him.

Granted, Jacob would be the more reasonable choice since he can give her love, family, children, and warmth, all without wanting to suck all of the blood out of her body. She wouldn’t need to change anything in her life for him and it would just be so easy. But that’s the point – love isn’t about being easy or reasonable, it’s about taking risks and making sacrifices so you can be together, which is exactly what Edward and Bella have done since they first met. I’m sorry, but as nice as Jacob’s six-pack abs are, they don’t hold a candle to Bella’s love for Edward. These two were meant to be together.

Team Eric

true blood

But for those of you who like your vampires snarling, naked and covered in blood (who doesn’t?), you’re probably more into the love triangle on HBO’s True Blood between telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse and vampires Bill Compton and Eric Northman. Of course this triangle quickly became a rhombus after the third season introduced us to the werewolf Alcide Herveaux, who has also become enchanted with the half-fairy girl.

This is a really tough decision, since all three of these guys look pretty amazing with their shirts off. But I’m going to have to go with bad-boy Eric Northman on this one. Almost immediately after meeting Bill, Sookie was forced to drink his blood, automatically making her attracted to him. The relationship didn’t evolve from natural feelings, which makes me seriously question the overall foundation of their supposed “love.” For all I know, he was indeed her first love (which would have immediately discredited Eric’s entitlement), but since blood was the initial trigger that started their love affair into motion, I can’t really abide by the first love rule.

Eric and Sookie, on the other hand, developed a mutual attraction for each other well before either of them drank each other’s blood. Initially she hated the guy, but angry passion gradually turned into that of a sexual nature, which fully came to fruition this past season. I know that traditionally the deemed “bad boy” is never the right guy, but Eric has softened over the years because of his affection for Sookie. He’s placed his own immortal life on the line several times in order to save hers and while saving Sookie’s life seems to be a common theme on the show, Eric is the one who has displayed the most growth from it.

As for Alcide, he’s a great guy (and very easy on the eyes), but I’ve got to stick him in the “just friends” category. There was potentially a small amount of attraction at the beginning, but they’ve now reached the friends zone whether he likes it or not. It’s a tough choice, but Eric’s the best fit for her.

Team Damon

the vampire diaries

And finally there’s the love triangle that exists in CW’s The Vampire Diaries between two vampire brothers and a human girl. Damon and Stefan Salvatore have pretty much been competing for Elena’s love ever since the series began, but sooner or later she’s going to have to make a decision as to who really won over her heart.

Stefan has always done everything in his power to keep Elena safe, but then again so has Damon. The deciding factor for me ended up being that despite everything that’s happened throughout the series, Damon has never run out on Elena, even though (for now) she’s in love with his brother. This season, Stefan rejected Elena and told her to stay away from him and move on with her life. Granted this was all done in an attempt to keep her safe, but he really broke her heart in the process, which is something Damon has never done and never would do. She’s come to depend on him in ways she never did with Stefan. And let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time a woman has chosen Stefan over Damon (i.e. Katherine), yet Damon cares enough about her to help get Stefan back. He’d rather see her with Stefan and happy than without Stefan and miserable. Her happiness is more important than his own, which is something Elena is slowly beginning to realize.

Unlike Elena and Stefan’s quick romance, Damon and Elena have established a deep connection overtime, which gives their relationship more meaning and depth. Elena makes Damon want to be a better person and in return; she always turns to him whenever she needs help. They both need and depend on one another in an equal capacity, making their love hold a much stronger foundation than anything she shares with Stefan.