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Semi-Pro (2008)

Rated: R Runtime: 90 minutes Release date: 02/28/2008
In 1976, the maverick ABA is a fast-paced, wild and crazy basketball league that rivals the NBA and makes a name for itself with innovations like the three-point shot and slam dunk contest. Jackie Moon is a one-hit wonder who used the profits from the success of his chart-topping song "Love Me Sexy" to achieve his dream of owning a basketball team. But Moon's franchise, the Flint Michigan Tropics...
Doin' It in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC

Doin' It in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC (2013)

Rated: None Runtime: 85 minutes Release date: 05/21/2013
In New York City, pick-up basketball is not just a sport, it is a way of life. There are over 700 outdoor courts and an estimated 500,000 players, and the most loyal of them approach the game as a religion and the playground as their church. The filmmakers visited 180 courts throughout the city's five boroughs, traveling to a most of them by bicycle, carrying camera equipment and a ball in their...
Dir: Bobbito Garcia
With: N/A

Playoff (2011)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 07/27/2011
Legendary Israeli basketball coach and Holocaust survivor Max Stoller became a national hero in the 1970s when he coached Maccabi Tel Aviv into the European Championships.However, when he subsequently accepts a job coaching the West-German basketball team, just another job on his path to NBA glory, as he sees it, Max finds his culture, his country, and his past at odds with his professional...
Quantum Hoops

Quantum Hoops (2007)

Rated: None Runtime: 84 minutes Release date: 11/01/2007
Chronicles the final week of the 2006 Caltech basketball season. The team is currently in the midst of a 21 year losing streak--over 240 consecutive conference losses. Caltech is annually considered one of the top 5 academic institutions in the world yet its athletic department always takes a back seat to the achievements of its world renowned faculty, Nobel prize winners, and advancements in the...
Dir: Rick Greenwald
With: N/A
Like Mike 2

Like Mike 2 (2005)

Rated: PG Runtime: 92 minutes Release date: 11/29/2005
Another young boy with 'hoop dreams' finds an old pair of Michael Jordan's sneakers and can suddenly play ball like the greatest player in the world.

Rock the Paint (2004)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 95 minutes Release date: 11/29/2004
When we first meet Josh, he's just a carefree Indiana farm boy-enjoying life, getting chastised by his widower father for tipping cows and taking joyrides on their landlord's tractor. But Josh's good times soon come to an end when his father's job relocates them from the heartland to the east coast. Josh, his father, and his hip-hop loving younger brother must move in with Josh's grandparents, who...
Believe In Me

Believe In Me (2007)

Rated: PG Runtime: 108 minutes Release date: 03/08/2007
In early 1960's Oklahoma, a time of economic distress and small town politics, high-school sports are an integral part of the town's fabric and pride. But girls' sports are an afterthought and warrant little or no attention. Clay Driscoll, a young coach with big dreams, is hired by the local superintendent to coach boy's basketball. Clay immediately finds himself head-to-head with Ellis Brawley...

Freestyle (2009)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 10/22/2009
Ondene Marchant is beautiful, talented and destined to major in law at Oxford. She's spent her whole life following demanding study plans laid down by her ambitious mother Hyacinth, a high powered barrister determined to push her only child to the top. But Ondene is desperate to live a little. She discovers freestyle basketball, and takes up the offer of lessons from the charismatic Leon. When...

Fireball (2009)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 01/28/2009
Just released from a juvenile detention center, Tai joins Fireball, an underground basketball team he believes is responsible for putting his twin brother in a coma.
White Men Can't Jump

White Men Can't Jump (1992)

Rated: R Runtime: 115 minutes Release date: 03/26/1992
A hustler and a street ball player join forces to run a basketball con game.
American Milkshake

American Milkshake (2013)

Rated: R Runtime: 81 minutes Release date: 09/05/2013
Chosen by the man himself, the Kevin Smith Movie Club presents American Milkshake. In mid-90's America, bookish high-school student Jolie knows the only way to get in with the gangsta crowd is to make the varsity basketball team. He wants an edge like Henrietta -- his secret girlfriend who is pregnant with another man's baby - while still being popular with the cheerleaders. Making the team not...

Rebound (2005)

Rated: PG Runtime: 87 minutes Release date: 06/30/2005
Coach Roy once was college basketball's top mastermind. But lately his attentions have been on his next endorsements, not on his next game. What¹s more, Roy's temper has run amuck, leading to his being banned from college ball until he can demonstrate compliance--in other words, not explode every time he walks onto the court. Roy waits ­ and waits ­ for a suitable coaching offer, but he...
Lenny Cooke

Lenny Cooke (2013)

Rated: None Runtime: 90 minutes Release date: 12/05/2013
In 2001, Lenny Cooke was considered the best high school basketball player in the country. He was ranked above future greats LeBron James, Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Ten years later, Lenny has never played a minute in the NBA. Here, we trace the unfulfilled destiny of a man for whom superstardom was only just out of reach.
Winning Season

The Winning Season (2010)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 104 minutes Release date: 09/02/2010
A has-been divorcee basketball coach is asked to run the local high school girls basketball team. Down on his luck and unable to do right with his teenage daughter, this is an unexpected chance at redemption. Soon, the job and his friendship with one of the girls influence him to want to overcome his issues and become a better man.
Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf (1985)

Rated: PG Runtime: 92 minutes Release date: 08/08/1985
Scott Howard struggles with girls, friends and basketball until he hits puberty and sprouts fangs, claws and lots and lots of new hair. Now he has to fight the girls off, and his dunk has improved by leaps and bounds.

Eddie (1996)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 100 minutes Release date: 05/30/1996
Manhattan limousine driver Edwina "Eddie" Franklin lives and breathes basketball. Her world revolves around Madison Square Garden, home of her beloved, albeit in last place, New York Knicks. She knows all there is to know about the team. She knows the players. She knows the coaches. She knows every statistic in the book. But what she never could have imagined is that hitting a free throw during a...
Glory Road

Glory Road (2006)

Rated: PG Runtime: 109 minutes Release date: 01/12/2006
For Don Haskins, the dream was always about winning: winning with guts, heart and grit; winning with self-respect; and winning even when the odds were completely stacked against you. What Haskins didn't know in 1966--when he was just a small-town family man trying to make an indelible mark in his first job as a collegiate basketball coach--is that his underdog team's incredible victory would...
Blue Chips

Blue Chips (1994)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 108 minutes Release date: 02/17/1994
Desperate basketball coach Pete Bell is under pressure to win now. But the only way he can recruit star players is to get boosters to pay them.
Love & Basketball

Love & Basketball (2000)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 124 minutes Release date: 04/20/2000
Eleven-year-old Quincy doesn't know what to make of Monica, a girl who can outplay any of the guys on the neighborhood basketball court. Soon he is infatuated with her and, much to his surprise, she is eager to become closer to him. Best friends all throughout the following school years, the pressure for each to be recruited by college basketball coaches brings them closer together and their love...
Heart of the Game

The Heart of the Game (2006)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 98 minutes Release date: 06/08/2006
A chronicle following the Roosevelt Roughriders girls' basketball team for six tumultuous seasons, capturing the passion and energy of a high school girls' competitive sport. Coach Bill Resler is a tax professor at the University of Washington, with three daughters, when he applies for the job as girls' basketball coach at Roosevelt High. Although his coaching experience is minimal, he has a...
When The Garden Was Eden

When The Garden Was Eden (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 75 minutes Release date: 11/29/2013
In the late 1960s, basketball was New York City's forgotten sport. Then, an unlikely group of scrappy players transformed the team into one of the NBA's most dazzling squads. By the early 1970s, the New York Knicks were in their prime. Here, we get a closer look at their rise to becoming a championship team and their larger impact on the sport.
Dir: Michael Rapaport
With: N/A
Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don't Lie (2007)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 102 minutes Release date: 11/29/2007
Sticky, 17, white, has spent his life being abused by pimps living with his prostitute mother, bouncing from one foster home to another, and living on the street between failed placements. But he's developed incredible hoop skills that have given him considerable social standing among his mostly black peers. And he gets a girlfriend named Anh-thu, who loves him and wants to help him reach his...

Michael Jordan to the Max (2000)

Rated: G Runtime: 46 minutes Release date: 05/04/2000
Details, in larger-than-life images, the journey of Michael Jordan from his early days at the University of North Carolina to NBA basketball legend, winning six world championships during his career with the Chicago Bulls.
Just Wright

Just Wright (2010)

Rated: PG Runtime: 111 minutes Release date: 05/13/2010
Leslie Wright is a straight-shooting physical therapist who gets the gig of a lifetime working with NBA All-Star Scott McKnight. All is going well until Leslie finds herself falling for Scott, forcing her to choose between the gig of a lifetime and the tug-of-war inside her heart. Oblivious to her romantic overtures, McKnight is instead drawn to the affections of Leslie's gorgeous childhood friend...
Like Mike

Like Mike (2002)

Rated: PG Runtime: 101 minutes Release date: 07/02/2002
Fourteen-year-old, hoops-loving Calvin Cambridge has a dream: to be a famous basketball player--to mix it up among the NBA's greatest. But in a game dominated by giants with unparalleled athletic abilities, Calvin's age, diminutive stature and limited skills, make this dream a far-off fantasy... Or is it? After he laces up a mysterious pair of old sneakers, inscribed with faded initials "M J,"...