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Wanko: The Story Of Me, My Family And Rock

Wanko: The Story Of Me, My Family And Rock (2011)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 07/22/2011
The Noyama family lives on the small island of Miyakejima, where they run a family hotel. Their little son Shin gets a puppy which he calls "Rock." Then, a devastating volcano erupts on the island. The family must evacuate; Rock goes missing. They start a new life in an evacuation home in the city of Tokyo, but can not forget their old home and their lost dog in Miyakejima. One day, they are...
Dir: N/A
With: N/A
Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy (2008)

Rated: R Runtime: 80 minutes Release date: 12/09/2008
Wendy Carroll is driving to Ketchikan, Alaska, in hopes of a summer of lucrative work at the Northwestern Fish cannery, and the start of a new life with her dog, Lucy. When her car breaks down in Oregon, however, the thin fabric of her financial situation comes apart, and she confronts a series of increasingly dire economic decisions, with far-ranging repercussions for herself and Lucy.

Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary (2006)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 97 minutes Release date: 11/29/2006
Explores the world of wiener dog racing, home to capacity crowds, healthy dachshunds and rabid owners, tracking America's fastest weenies on a tour of the professional dachshund racing circuit. Candid interviews with some of the world's top showdog personalities give a crash course in wiener dog politics, and some background on the longstanding and divisive controversies that have dogged the...
Winter Nomads

Winter Nomads (2013)

Rated: None Runtime: 90 minutes Release date: 09/26/2013
Pascal, 53, and Carole, 28, are shepherds. In November 2010, they embark on their long winter transhumance: four months during which they will have to cover 600 km in the Swiss-French region, accompanied by three donkeys, four dogs and 800 sheep. An exceptional adventure is about to begin: they brave the cold and bad weather, day in day out, with a canvas cover and animal skins as their only...
Dir: Manuel von Stürler
With: N/A
Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz (1938)

Rated: G Runtime: 101 minutes Release date: 11/29/1938
The tale of a young Kansas girl who dreams of a better world "somewhere over the rainbow." When Dorothy is thrust into the eye of a tornado and lands in the fantasy world of Oz, she soon finds herself in a heap of trouble with three hapless misfits to guide, an evil witch at her heels, and no way to get home.

Wrong (2012)

Rated: None Runtime: 94 minutes Release date: 08/02/2012
Dolph Springer awakens one morning to find that his beloved dog Paul is missing. Dolph's journey to find Paul spirals into the absurd and includes encounters with a promiscuous pizza delivery girl, a mentally unstable neighbor, an opportunistic French-Mexican gardener, an eccentric pet detective and an enigmatic pony-tailed guru, Master Chang, who teaches Dolph how to metaphysically reconnect with...