Keyword: dramedy

Ma ma (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/27/2014
Ma maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill

Ma maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 04/17/2014
Six-year-old Jean is anxious about starting elementary school where he will finally learn how to read. On the first day, when his teacher asks him about his mother's profession, he is unable to answer. Jean knows she is absent but he's forgotten why. While his father is very busy managing his factory, Jean and his brother are being raised by a nanny. Occasionally, his neighbor Michèle, a girl...
Made in Dagenham

Made in Dagenham (2010)

Rated: R Runtime: 113 minutes Release date: 11/18/2010
Based on a true story about a group of spirited women who joined forces and took a stand for what was right. Although far from the Swinging Sixties of Carnaby Street, life for the women of Dagenham, England is tinged with the sounds and sights of the optimistic era, heard on their radios and seen on their TV sets. Rita O'Grady reflects that upbeat era, along with her friends and co-workers at the...
Mademoiselle Chambon

Mademoiselle Chambon (2010)

Rated: None Runtime: 101 minutes Release date: 05/27/2010
Jean leads a pretty ordinary life with his loving wife and child. One day, as he's picking up son Jérémy from school, he stumbles upon Mademoiselle Chambon. This chance encounter will be a turning point in his well organized life.
Magic Hour

The Magic Hour (2008)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 06/06/2008
A young underworld figure promises to track down a hit man for his boss. When he can't locate the assassin, he tricks a third-rate actor into playing the role for a film that does not exist.

Magique! (2008)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 10/21/2008
Centers on Betty, a young woman raising her eight year-old only son, Tommy, on an isolated farm. They are faced with being evicted because she can't pay the rent. While visiting a nearby town one day, Tommy comes across a circus with a similar set of problems. To cheer up his mother, Tommy invites two clowns from the circus to the farm, Baptiste and Auguste, and shortly the entire circus moves...

Mamma Gógó (2009)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2009
A filmmaker deals with his financial problems while his mother succumbs to Alzheimer's disease.
Man About Town

Man About Town (2005)

Rated: R Runtime: 97 minutes Release date: 11/29/2005
A top Hollywood talent agent seems to have it all -- success, money and a beautiful wife, but it all starts to unravel when he finds out she's cheating on him and his journal has been stolen by a journalist who could expose him.

Man in the Chair (2007)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 109 minutes Release date: 12/06/2007
A man named Flash longs for the days when he worked as a crew member on such cinematic masterpieces as "Citizen Kane." When Flash meets teenage film fanatic Cameron Kincaid, he becomes an unlikely mentor and agrees to help Cameron make a film to compete in a student competition where the top prize is a film school scholarship and, for Cameron, a ticket out of his difficult home life. Flash, who...
Man Who Was Superman

A Man Who Was Superman (2008)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 01/30/2008
Song Soo-jung is a producer going on her third year at a small company. Her specialty is human interest stories. She is driven to produce these shallow stories for the sake of her ambition of one day becoming Korea's own Oprah Winfrey. However, she is reaching the end of what's left of her pride. One day, after months of not getting paid, she leaves her office with the company camera to produce a...

Management (2009)

Rated: R Runtime: 93 minutes Release date: 05/14/2009
Mike Cranshaw and Sue Claussen have a chance encounter when Sue checks into the roadside motel owned by Mike's parents in Arizona. What starts with a bottle of wine "compliments of management" soon evolves into a multi-layered, cross-country journey of two people looking for a sense of purpose. Mike, an aimless dreamer, bets it all on a trip to Sue's workplace in Maryland - only to find that she...
Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding (2007)

Rated: R Runtime: 91 minutes Release date: 11/15/2007
Margot Zeller, a savagely bright, razor-tongued short-story writer who creates chaos wherever she goes, sets off on a surprise journey to the wedding of her estranged and free-spirited, unassuming sister Pauline. Margot, with her all-too-rapidly maturing son Claude in tow, arrives with the gale force of a hurricane. From the minute she meets Pauline's fiancé--the unemployed artist Malcolm--Margot...

Marias Menn (2006)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 09/28/2006
Maria is an unconventional single mother of three children, who's got a cool grip on her life. Three demanding children and a strong career seem to be plenty. Men are certainly a finished chapter, that is until Fredrik suddenly appears. He's interesting, attractive and mature; all in all quite perfect for Maria. Finally there is a reason to believe in love again--but then Jonas appears. He's...