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Waiting Room

The Waiting Room (2007)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 07/30/2007
Lone parent Anna is involved with next-door neighbor George, whose marriage has settled into a rut. Meanwhile care worker Stephen is having doubts about his own long-term relationship. When Anna and Stephen meet by chance, each glimpses the happiness that has hitherto been so elusive.

Waiting... (2005)

Rated: R Runtime: 93 minutes Release date: 10/06/2005
A waiter for four years since high school, Dean has never questioned his job at ShenaniganZ. But when he learns that Chett, a high school classmate, now has a lucrative career in electrical engineering, he's thrown into turmoil about his dead-end life. Dean's friend Monty is in exactly the same boat, but he couldn't care less. More concerned with partying and getting laid, Monty is put in charge...
Welcome to Collinwood

Welcome to Collinwood (2002)

Rated: R Runtime: 86 minutes Release date: 10/03/2002
When petty thief Cosimo is given the plan for the perfect heist from a lifer in prison--the kind of job you dream about, the kind of job that the reprobates on the block refer to as a 'Bellini'--he has to get out of jail, fast. Opportunities like this don't come along every day for the hard-luck folks who hang around the streets of Collinwood, a working class neighborhood on Cleveland's east side...

Welcome to the Neighborhood (2001)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 89 minutes Release date: 11/29/2001
Composed of four loosely linked stories set in and around the Hollywood Hills. "Party's Over" focuses on a couple who find they've been trailed home by a dinner party's unmet guest who now makes unreasonable demands. In "Tattoos," jealousy drives Jerry to test girlfriend Stephanie's faithfulness, ruining their relationship. A new neighbor is driven mad by a barking dog in "Welcome to the...
What Love Is

What Love Is (2007)

Rated: R Runtime: 87 minutes Release date: 03/22/2007
On Valentine's Day, Tom Riley plans to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Sara. He tells his group of best friends at the bar to meet him at his house for a surprise celebration in half an hour and then he grabs a bottle of champagne and heads home. But when Tom looks around his apartment, he sees that all of Sara's things have been cleared out and there is a Dear John letter waiting for him on...
When Do We Eat?

When Do We Eat? (2006)

Rated: R Runtime: 93 minutes Release date: 04/06/2006
On the night of the world's fastest Passover seder that is anything but, secrets will be revealed, fantasies fulfilled, barriers broken down and some food might be consumed. A tough-love dad has to deal with hosting his father who never unpacks, his wife, who is intent on creating the perfect Seder, and his children who go out of their way to make the night an adventure. When one of the kids slips...

Whirlwind (2006)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 99 minutes Release date: 11/29/2006
When a tight-knit group of New York City friends meet a hunky, fun stranger, they couldn't be happier to have him join their clique. But when that stranger begins to mysteriously undermine the existing friendships, manipulating each for his own damaging pleasure, the faux fur really begins to fly.

Whisper (2007)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 07/12/2007
A young boy is kidnapped by a former convict and three of his friends. After a series of unexplained events, they begin to realize that the child is less innocent than he seems.

Whispers & Moans (2007)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 05/17/2007
Spans ten days in which frank discussions and observations of the sex industry are played out. Looks at the lives and problems faced amongst the different workers, with the difficulties on the jobs ranging from customers who demand everything to stiff competition faced from the Mainlanders, who are willing to do more for less. Also observes the other spectrum--the gigolos, bisexuals and...

The Wild Bull (2008)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 01/24/2008
The residents of a small village are terrorized by the rampage of a wild bull for so long that they finally decide to capture it. The preparations take four days and precipitate the fortunes, relationships and dreams of those who participate: among them is an experienced game hunter from the city, two village leaders vying for power, the lovers Sangi and Shivaji, Bhutjje and his wife--whose most...

The Women (2008)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 114 minutes Release date: 09/11/2008
In New York City's modern whirl of fashion and publishing, Mary Haines seems to have it all--a beautiful country home, a rich financier husband, an adorable 11-year-old daughter and a part-time career creating designs for her father's venerable clothing company. Her best friend, Sylvie Fowler, leads another enviable life--as a happily single editor of a prominent fashion magazine, a possessor of a...