Keyword: homosexuality

I Am (2011)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 04/28/2011
Four individuals struggle to find their identity and uphold their dignity in a world that is callous, cold and unsympathetic. They share a common dream, a desire to regain their lives and their identity.
Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Rated: NC 17 Runtime: 179 minutes Release date: 10/24/2013
A 15-year-old girl named Adèle is approaching adulthood and dreams of experiencing her first love. A handsome male classmate falls for her hard, but an unsettling erotic reverie upsets the romance before it begins. Adèle imagines that the mysterious, blue-haired girl she encountered in the street slips into her bed and possesses her with an overwhelming pleasure. That blue-haired girl is a...

Fourplay (2011)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 80 minutes Release date: 11/29/2011

Pariah (2006)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 27 minutes Release date: 11/29/2006

Four (2013)

Rated: R Runtime: 75 minutes Release date: 09/12/2013
In a nameless, suburban American town, the smell of barbeque fills the air as Fourth of July celebrations move from a hot summer day into night. Joe, a man who works hard and travels a lot, leaves his family behind for the holiday, citing a business trip. Abigayle, his precocious daughter, is left to tend to her ill mother and manage the house on her own, yet again. Seeking just enough attention...

Weekend (2011)

Rated: None Runtime: 86 minutes Release date: 09/22/2011
Russell randomly picks up Glen at a nightclub on a Friday night and unexpectedly spends most of the next 48 hours with him in bedrooms and bars, telling stories and having sex. As they spend more time together, sharing snippets of their lives, they begin to reveal the things that hold them back as much as push them forward and develop a connection that will resonate throughout their lives.
Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp (1982)

Rated: R Runtime: 84 minutes Release date: 12/31/1982
Angela is a quiet, sulky girl, who was traumatized when a boating accident killed her family. The orphaned girl went to live with her Aunt Martha, who one summer sends Angela and her cousin Ricky to Camp Arawak. Upon their arrival, the other campers begin dying in strange and increasingly violent accidents.
New Black

The New Black (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 75 minutes Release date: 02/11/2014
When legislation preventing same sex marriage in United States passed in 2008, many pundits pointed their fingers towards the African American community's presumed homophobia. Questions surrounding the history and the validity of these assumptions are examined and the complicated and combative intersections of the African American and LBGT civil rights movements are traced.
Dir: Yoruba Richen
With: N/A

Kawa (2010)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 76 minutes Release date: 11/29/2010
After his father retires, Kawariki (a.k.a. Kawa) must step up to become the leader of the family. Kawa is a man who has everything. He is a corporate high-flyer that has been groomed to take over his family's company, properties and legacy. He and his beautiful wife Annabelle have two children who he loves deeply, and they live in an elegant house. All appears to be perfect in their world. But...

Elliot Loves (2011)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 92 minutes Release date: 11/29/2011
Dir: Terracino
With: N/A
Perfect Ending

A Perfect Ending (2011)

Rated: None Runtime: 110 minutes Release date: 11/29/2011
Despite being a wife and mother of three, Rebecca still feels like something is missing. Upon meeting high priced escort named Paris, Rebecca embarks on a sensual journey of self-discovery and finally finds that certain something she has been looking for.

Hard Pill (2005)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 07/15/2005
Battle of Pussywillow Creek

The Battle of Pussywillow Creek (2013)

Rated: None Runtime: 99 minutes Release date: 02/28/2013
In this mockumentary, the outrageous life stories of four forgotten Civil War heroes are recounted. An opium-addicted, gay colonel, an aging Chinese launderer, a nerdy escaped slave and a one-armed, teenage prostitute manage to save the Union from a nefarious foreign plot, only to have their stunning victory stricken from the history books.
inconnu du lac

L' inconnu du lac (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 97 minutes Release date: 01/23/2014
40-year-old Franck spends his summer afternoons at a meeting place on the edge of a lake. He splits his days between two men. He develops a very strong platonic friendship with the first, Henri. And with the second, Michel, he finds great physical and passionate love. This, despite the fact that Michel drowned his previous lover, and that Franck witnessed it.
Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Rated: None Runtime: 101 minutes Release date: 12/01/2011
Lucy is a young university student possessed by a kind of radical passivity. She lets a flip of a coin decide the outcome of a random sexual encounter and she displays an uncomplaining patience when facing the repetitions of her various menial jobs that fund her studies. One day she answers an ad in the student newspaper and interviews for a job to be a lingerie waitress. But she is secretly...
Out in the Night

Out in the Night (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 74 minutes Release date: 11/29/2013
In New York City's West Village in 2006, four gay African-American women were brutally assaulted by a stranger. Because they defended themselves, they were wrested out of their supportive New Jersey families and given draconian prison sentences. Here, we return to the alleged crime scene, and through historical security footage, we observe the deplorable conduct of unscrupulous reporters and...
Dir: Blair Dorosh-Walther
With: N/A

Bloomington (2009)

Rated: None Runtime: 83 minutes Release date: 11/29/2009
When former child television star Jackie g s off to college in search of a normal life, things do not go exactly as expected. Jackie ends up falling for her sexy young professor, Lillian. Their relationship is strong, despite Lillian's reputation for loving-and-leaving her female students. However, problems start to arise when Jackie's acting career kicks back into gear.
Wise Kids

The Wise Kids (2012)

Rated: None Runtime: 95 minutes Release date: 03/15/2012
In a Baptist church community in Charleston, South Carolina, three teenage friends contemplate their future. The group includes devout Laura, openly gay Tim, and beautiful Brea, who is undergoing a crisis of faith.
Call Me Kuchu

Call Me Kuchu (2013)

Rated: None Runtime: 87 minutes Release date: 06/13/2013
In Uganda, a new bill threatens to make homosexuality punishable by death. David Kato, Uganda's first openly gay man, and retired Anglican Bishop Christopher Senyonjo work against the clock to defeat state-sanctioned homophobia while combating vicious persecution in their daily lives. But no one is prepared for the brutal murder that shakes their movement to its core and sends shock waves around...
8: The Mormon Proposition

8: The Mormon Proposition (2010)

Rated: None Runtime: 80 minutes Release date: 06/17/2010
An examination of the relationship between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the promotion and passage of California's Proposition 8 denying marriage rights for Gay and Lesbian couples.

Pride (2014)

Rated: R Runtime: 120 minutes Release date: 09/25/2014
It's the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers' families. Initially rebuffed by the Union, the group identifies a tiny mining village in Wales and sets off to make their donation in person. As the strike drags on, the two groups discover...
Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange (2014)

Rated: R Runtime: 98 minutes Release date: 08/21/2014
After nearly four decades together, Ben and George finally tie the knot in an idyllic wedding ceremony in lower Manhattan. But when George loses his job soon after, the couple must sell their apartment and - victims of the relentless New York City real estate market - temporarily live apart until they can find an affordable new home. While George moves in with two cops who live down stairs, Ben...
Skeleton Twins

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Rated: R Runtime: 90 minutes Release date: 09/11/2014
Twins Maggie and Milo Dean were inseparable as children. But tragedy hit their family as teenagers when their father died, sending them on different paths, and ultimately leading to a decade-long estrangement. Now in their thirties, another set of near-tragedies brings them together. Melancholic Milo, a frustrated actor with no prospects, decides to accept his sister's offer to return to their...
Law of Desire

Law of Desire (1987)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 101 minutes Release date: 03/28/1987
Famous film and stage writer/director Pablo Quintero lives the high life in modern Madrid. Along with his work, his days are filled with casual drug use and sexual encounters with other men. However, Pablo runs into trouble when he becomes the object of obsession for a handsome young man.
Imitation Game

The Imitation Game (2014)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 114 minutes Release date: 11/27/2014
During the winter of 1952, British authorities entered the home of mathematician, cryptanalyst and war hero Alan Turing to investigate a reported burglary. They instead ended up arresting Turing himself on charges of 'gross indecency', an accusation that would lead to his devastating conviction for the criminal offense of homosexuality - little did officials know, they were actually incriminating...