Keyword: horse racing

Dark Horse (2015)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 86 minutes Release date: 04/16/2015
In a former mining village in Wales, a group of friends from a working men's club who decide to take on the elite "sport of kings" and breed themselves a racehorse. Their young foal, raised on nearby waste-land, grows into an unlikely champion, beating the finest thoroughbreds in the country, before suffering a near fatal accident. Nursed back to health by the love of his owners -- for whom he has...
Dir: Louise Osmond
With: N/A
Harley's Hill

Harley's Hill (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 07/05/2014
Harley, a thoroughbred with royal bloodlines, is being groomed to replace his father's success at Willowbrook Farms. Harley's rapid success leads him to new physical challenges. An accident during practice spooks him and fearing a fate like his father, he runs away. Days later, Harley is found by a rancher and his daughter. Unable to find the owner, they nurture him back to health. Discovering...

Jappeloup (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 03/12/2013
In the early 1980s, after giving up a career as a lawyer, Pierre Durand devotes himself to his passion, horses and show jumping. Having won several competitions with the support of his father, he dedicates himself to Jappeloup, a young horse purchased from a neighbor. Although no one else has confidence in this temperamental and unpredictable horse, Pierre sees its remarkable abilities and...
And They're Off

And They're Off (2011)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 90 minutes Release date: 10/27/2011
It's the exciting and unpredictable world of thoroughbred horse racing... and no trainer loves his horses more and wins less than Dusty Sanders. It's been a rough week for Dusty. One of his beloved horses has been claimed by trainer Doug O‟Neill, and his losing streak forces other owners to take their business elsewhere. To make matters worse, his longtime jockey girlfriend, Dee, breaks up...

The Sting (1973)

Rated: PG Runtime: 127 minutes Release date: 11/29/1973
When a mobster kills their friend, two drifters concoct a hilariously intricate scheme for revenge. There's no telling who to trust in.
Hot to Trot

Hot to Trot (1988)

Rated: PG Runtime: 83 minutes Release date: 08/25/1988
When his mother dies, Fred P. Chaney receives a racehorse as his inheritance and before long realizes that it can talk. Not only does the horse talk, but it has in inside track on Wall Street and helps Fred make money in the stock market.
Girls Sport

Girls Sport (2010)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2010

Tarok (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 135 minutes Release date: 10/30/2013
A chestnut stallion, Tarok was a legendary Danish trotting champion who captured the hearts of an entire population in the 1970s. He was bred in 1972 by the Laursen family and named after their favorite game of cards. The Laursens took up harness racing after they had replaced their last plow horses with a tractor. Here is a portrait of Denmark's most famous racehorse and the family behind it.

I've Seen the Unicorn (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 61 minutes Release date: 11/29/2013
The Maiden Cup horse race is the biggest event on the tiny island of Mauritius. Here, we observe post-colonialism through various characters involved in this tradition, among them, a young fisherman who dreams of becoming a jockey.

Pineapple Calamari (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013
Pineapple Calamari, a little horse, dreams of becoming a racing champion. Two sisters, who share a very special bond, take care of him. Life takes a severe turn when tragedy falls upon this happy family.
Dir: Kasia Nalewajka
With: N/A
Lads and Jockeys

Lads and Jockeys (2011)

Rated: None Runtime: 100 minutes Release date: 12/01/2011
In a small village near Paris, 14-year-old boys and girls enter the training center for future lads and jockeys. For these young pupils, the transition between the family environment and this new world is brutal. Though sharing the world of teenagers - flirting, cell phones and PlayStation - they enter a world where the comfort of the horses comes before that of the human.

'A iucata (2012)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2012
Several racing stables are maintained in the working-class districts of Catania, Sicily. One of them belongs to Concetto, known as the chemist, a character both respected and feared, and is well known in the world of clandestine horse racing. Every day, just before dawn, his son Vittorio goes to the stables to prepare their horse Vito Portanova for training.
Dir: Michele Pennetta
With: N/A