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Gabrielle (2014)

Rated: R Runtime: 104 minutes Release date: 04/17/2014
Gabrielle is a 22-year-old woman with Williams syndrome, a genetic disorder that often slows cognitive skills while increasing sociability and musical talent. She sings in a Montreal choir with other disabled adults, where she meets and falls in love with the dashingly handsome Martin. The bliss of first love is interrupted, however, by Martin's interfering mother, who worries that special needs...

Gaeulro (2006)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 10/25/2006
Ten years after the death of his girlfriend, Hyeon-woo decides to take a trip using the travel diary of his deceased lover as a guide. However, following in her footsteps seems to be leading him to a predestined love.

Geography of the Hapless Heart (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 07/01/2014
In London, a young man sabotages a relationship with the girl he loves because he fears losing control In Paris a notorious ageing artist, clings onto a relationship with a young lover he cannot connect with rather than face his own mortality In Rome, a woman who lost her young family has shut down her heart to survive, but the pureness of a potential lover's heart causes the pretence of her...

Ghost (1990)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 127 minutes Release date: 07/12/1990
Sam and Molly are a loving couple living in New York. Soon after Sam discovers some irregularities at the bank where he works, he and Molly are attacked on the street and Sam is killed. Realizing that he's now a ghost, Sam wishes he could communicate with the heartbroken Molly and is at their apartment one day when his killer comes in looking for something. Sam is desperate to warn Molly that she...

Ghost (2010)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/12/2010
After the person she loves most dies mysteriously, a young female entrepreneur communicates with him through a psychic.

Gigi (1958)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 116 minutes Release date: 04/29/1958
The story of an illegitimate waif in the late 1800s Paris who is pushed upon by her grandmother to become a courtesan and mistress of a young, handsome an wealthy heir. They fall in love and he wants her to become his wife.

Gippi (2013)

Rated: None Runtime: 138 minutes Release date: 05/09/2013
14-year-old Gippi is overweight, awkward and constantly bullied at school by the popular Shamira. At home, she's dealing with living in a broken home. To top off her stress, she finds herself falling in love with an older, brooding heartbreaker of a boy. Her crush leads to a humiliating conclusion prompting her to accept Shamira's challenge and run against her in the school elections. Along the...
The Girl and Death

The Girl and Death (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 127 minutes Release date: 04/24/2014
Nicolai, a Russian doctor, returns to an old, abandoned hotel which still bears the traces of an impressive past. He has returned to relive a romantic tragedy. This is the place where he met his great love, the courtesan Elise, half a century ago and it is there that their ill-fated romance bloomed.
Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 107 minutes Release date: 11/29/2013
In the Iranian ghost town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, depraved denizens are unaware they are being stalked by a lonesome vampire.
Girlfriend Boyfriend - GF BF

Girlfriend Boyfriend - GF BF (2012)

Rated: None Runtime: 105 minutes Release date: 08/02/2012
Mabel, Liam and Aaron were born in the same small town, deep in the far south of Taiwan. They were children together in a kind of rural paradise, surrounded by magnolia and camphor trees. Even down in this tropical idyll, however, where it feels like nothing has changed for centuries, time marches on. New feelings arise, which alter the childhood bonds between them forever: Aaron loves Mabel, but...

Girls for Keeps (2012)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 05/25/2012
Four pretty women experience joy and trouble in love and every day life. Yukiko works at a big advertising firm and has a good looking boyfriend. Seiko is married and has no children. She works at a large real estate company. Yoko is a single woman employed at a historic stationary company. Takako--a single mother--works for a car manufacturer.

Gloria (2014)

Rated: R Runtime: 110 minutes Release date: 01/23/2014
Gloria is a "woman of a certain age" but still feels young. Though lonely, she makes the best of her situation and fills her nights seeking love at social dance clubs for single adults. Her fragile happiness changes the day she meets Rodolfo. Their intense passion, to which Gloria gives her all, leaves her vacillating between hope and despair -- until she uncovers a new strength and realizes that...
Go With Le Flo

Go With Le Flo (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 81 minutes Release date: 04/10/2014
Florian is half-German, half-French and owns "Le Flo" - a French delicatessen in Berlin that specializes in salami. When he meets Camille, the daughter of a French director, it's love at first sight and he's going to ask her to marry him - tonight! Florian's best friend Jenny is German and owns a bakery just down the street. She's in love with him and wants to tell him, but is having trouble...