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World War Z

World War Z (2013)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 115 minutes Release date: 06/20/2013
On an ordinary day, Gerry Lane and his family find their quiet drive interrupted by urban gridlock. An ex-United Nations investigator, Lane senses that this is no ordinary traffic jam. As police helicopters buzz the sky and motorcycle cops careen wildly below, the city erupts into chaos. Something is causing hordes of people to viciously attack each other - a lethal virus that is spread through a...

Commitment (2013)

Rated: None Runtime: 108 minutes Release date: 12/05/2013
Teenager Myung-hoon's father was a North Korean agent who was framed and killed before returning home after a long mission in the South. Because of this injustice, his two children are sent to a labor prison camp, where they're subjected to impossible conditions and Myung-hoon is forced to comply with his government's wishes and becomes a spy. In order to project his sister, his fate is to give up...

Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 147 minutes Release date: 09/25/2014
Dae-gil, a young man with a natural-born talent in gambling, makes a sensational debut as a gambler, which leads to a reunion with his first love, Mi-na. However, in the world of card sharks and con artists, a web of conspiracy and betrayal makes Dae-gil the scapegoat of a deal gone wrong and he is forced to go on the run. He plans his revenge and prepares for one big, fateful game, as Mi-na helps...

The Host (2007)

Rated: R Runtime: 119 minutes Release date: 03/08/2007
Gang-du works at a food-stand on the banks of the Han River. Dozing on the job, he is awakened by his daughter, Hyun-seo, who is angry with him for missing a teacher-parent meeting at school. As Gang-du walks out to the riverbank with a delivery, he notices that a large crowd of people have gathered, taking pictures and talking about something hanging from the Han River Bridge. The otherwise...
Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil (2011)

Rated: None Runtime: 144 minutes Release date: 03/03/2011
When special agent Soo-hyun's fiancé becomes the latest victim of a disturbed and brutal serial killer, he vows revenge, blurring the lines between hunter and hunted and good and evil, eventually becoming a monster himself in his twisted pursuit of revenge.

Haemoo (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 111 minutes Release date: 08/12/2014
A fishing boat crew attempt to smuggle illegal migrants in order to keep their fishing jobs. But their plan goes awry when they meet a tragic accident while transporting the illegal migrants on the ship. Amid the chaos, the youngest crewman Dong-sik falls in love with a female migrant and tries to protect her from the crazed Captain Kang and the other crew members
No Tears for the Dead

No Tears for the Dead (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 116 minutes Release date: 06/19/2014
Abandoned by his mother shortly after immigrating to America, Gon is raised by the mafia and grows up to become a cold-blooded hitman. Though usually flawless in taking out his targets, Gon makes a terrible mistake of killing an innocent young girl. A flood of guilt takes over his life and the situation becomes worse when his boss assigns him the job of killing the young girl's mother. Gon's new...

Moebius (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 91 minutes Release date: 07/31/2014
A husband. A wife. Their son. The atmosphere at home is ice cold - the husband distracted by an affair with a young woman, the wife sick of her husband's debauchery, and the teenage son indifferent to them both. Overwhelmed with hatred, the wife attempts to remove from the husband the organ driving his desires; thwarted, she instead takes out the violent act on the son and then disappears into the...
Love Child

Love Child (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 80 minutes Release date: 11/29/2013
In 2010, the death from malnutrition of South Korean infant Sarang became an international news story when the circumstances were revealed: The parents had neglected her for an online fantasy game. Their subsequent trial, in the first case involving Internet addiction, established a global precedent in a world where virtual is the new reality.
Dir: Valerie Veatch
With: N/A

Saeneun pyegoksuneul keurinda (1998)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 106 minutes Release date: 11/29/1998
A film professor makes a cross-country trek with his girlfriend to visit her family. While there, he contemplates making a documentary about birds, but fails to follow through on the idea.

Collapse (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013

Gyeongju (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 06/11/2014
Beijing University professor Choi Hyeon takes off for Gyeongju, one of Korea's ancient capitals located in today's North Gyeongsang Province. He visits a cafe where he thinks he saw an obscene painting while hanging out with a late friend about seven years earlier. There, he meets Yoon-hee who runs the cafe and rather abruptly asks her about the whereabouts of the "naughty" painting.
Fatal Encounter

The Fatal Encounter (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 135 minutes Release date: 05/22/2014
In 1777, one year after taking reign, King Jeong-jo and his dedicated court servant Gap-soo live a perilous existence, surrounded by threats from the political opposition and people with personal ambitions. Eul-soo, a member of a secret assassin group, receives orders to kill Jeong-jo. Gap-soo, who had also been in the same secret assassin ring later confesses his dark past and motive for coming...

End of Winter (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013
Upon the father's retirement, the mother, two sons and daughters-in-law gather in Cheorwon. The retirement ceremony is rather quiet, but then father drops a bombshell that he wants a divorce. The mother is so angry she does not know what to say, and the sons and daughters-in-law are utterly confused. Heavy snow hits Cheorwon keeping the buses from operating for three days and the whole family ends...
Dir: N/A
With: N/A

Hwa-jang (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013

Ja-yu-ui eon-deok (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013

Monster (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 113 minutes Release date: 03/13/2014
Bok-Soon runs a street stall while taking care of her younger sister. Bok-Soon may not be the brightest girl but what she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in uncontrollable rage. She's infamously known as the "psycho bitch" in her neighborhood. Bok-Soon's relatively peaceful life with her sister is disrupted when they cross paths with a serial killer named Tae-Soo. When Tae-Soo kills...

The Attorney (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 127 minutes Release date: 02/06/2014
Song Woo-seok has no clients, connections or even a college degree, but his eye for business and appetite for money turn him into one of the most successful lawyers in town. But right at the peak of his success, a local teenager is falsely accused of a crime, then beaten and tortured while waiting in jail. Shocked by these conditions, Song changes the course of his life and takes on the case no...

Ya Gan Bi Haeng (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013
After a night-time tryst with a lover in a derelict building, Yong-ju roams the streets of Seoul and ends up bumping into his ex-best friend, Gi-woong. Having become embroiled in a fight, Gi-woong snatches Yong-ju's bicycle in order to escape and does not give it back. Yong-ju threatens him, but Gi-woong refuses to hear his warnings - his gang is notorious for their cruel bullying of an eccentric...

10 Minutes (2012)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 93 minutes Release date: 11/29/2012
Preparing for an exam to work for a broadcasting company, a young man takes a position as an intern. He is only there to make some money before finding a real job. But when his boss tells him he wants to hire him full-time, he is tempted by the opportunity. After going through the interview and getting congratulated from others in the office, he is shocked that the full-time position is in fact...

Venus Talk (2014)

Rated: None Runtime: 108 minutes Release date: 02/13/2014
Three 40-something women friends in Seoul share the ups and downs of their lives and loves: TV producer Shin-Hye has a one-night stand with a younger colleague who wants to turn it into a relationship; confident housewife Mi-Yeon's libido prompts her husband to secretly take Viagra; and single mother Hae-young shares her home with her adult daughter who is dating a carpenter.

Basement Satellite (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013
A South Korean artist and amateur scientist sets out to build the first civilian satellite. Hojun Song establishes the Open Source Satellite Initiative in an effort to demonstrate that the most out there, seemingly unachievable dreams can come true. He spends five years testing, tweaking, drawing up diagrams and soldering circuit boards in pursuit of his goal.
Dir: Hyoungju Kim
With: N/A

Banghwanghaneun Kalnal (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 04/09/2014

My Place (2013)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 11/29/2013
A family struggles to overcome past wounds of reverse migration (from Canada to Korea) when filmmaker Emmanuel Moonchil Park's little sister decides to be an unwed single mom. The little sister decides to raise the child in Canada as she never felt welcome in her parent's homeland, South Korea. The lives of parents, intertwined with Korea's modern history is discovered, while family members try to...