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Kamen Raida Kabuto: God Speed Love (2006)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 08/04/2006
Dir: N/A
With: N/A

Kamen Rider Den-O (2007)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 08/03/2007
Using the power of the Imagin and the Rider Pass, Ryotaro Nogami is able to travel to different times through the DenLiner. By traveling through time, he transforms into Kamen Rider Den-O, and fights monsters of all sizes, preventing them from altering the past to affect the present and future.
Dir: N/A
With: N/A

Kamen Rider OOO: Kaizoku Sentai Go-kaiger The Movie (2011)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 08/05/2011
Evil alchemist Gara starts to twist time in his desire to possess the 21 Core Medals. Modern day Tokyo starts to blend into the ancient city of Edo and Gara is turning people into Medals. Kamen Rider OOO is called into action to stop Gara and his quest to destroy the world. In the process Kamen Rider OOO meets legendary shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune.

Kick-Ass (2010)

Rated: R Runtime: 118 minutes Release date: 04/15/2010
"How come nobody's ever tried to be a superhero?" When Dave Lizewski - ordinary New York teenager and rabid comic-book geek - dons a green-and-yellow, internet-bought wetsuit to become the no-nonsense vigilante, Kick-Ass, he soon finds an answer to his own question: because it hurts. But, overcoming all the odds, the eager yet inexperienced Dave quickly becomes a phenomenon, capturing the...
Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

Rated: R Runtime: 103 minutes Release date: 08/15/2013
With high school graduation looming, Dave (aka Kick-Ass) decides to start the world's first superhero team with Mindy (aka Hit Girl). Unfortunately, when Mindy is busted for sneaking out as Hit Girl and is forced to retire, leaving her to navigate the world of high-school mean girls on her own. With no one left to turn to, Dave joins forces with Justice Forever, run by a born-again ex-mobster...

Krrish (2006)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 172 minutes Release date: 06/29/2006
Krishna is born with magical powers--a legacy from his father, Rohit Mehra. Priya comes into his life and becomes his world. When she beckons him to Singapore, he follows. In Singapore, Dr Siddhant Arya, the megalomaniac scientist is on the verge of changingthe future forever. Only one man stands between Dr Siddhant Arya and his destructive dreams. To block his ruthless ambitions, Krishna must...