Take a Quick Jab at New ‘Real Steel’ Pictures

When will man appreciate the gravity of the tragedy that exists in our mass exploitation of the robot race for voyeuristic entertainment?

Never. On that note, let’s enjoy the new Real Steel images. These robots are PUNCHING each other. But that’s fine, because they’re robots. They warrant no sympathy. They deserve no friendship.

But perhaps we should rethink that. Perhaps Hugh Jackman will rethink it for us, in his companionship with robo-underdog Atom, with whom former human boxer Jackman teams up to reign supreme in the Robot Fighting League. Perhaps it will be Jackman’s character’s wide-eyed son (played by another child actor named Dakota, but this one’s a dude) who inspires him to see beyond the sheath of metal and understand that machines were not made to serve man.

The below image depicts just one type of hard-hitting punch the movie will deliver. The other: a cold realization about love.

Click the pictures to visit UGO and Joblo to see more new images from Real Steel.



Source: UGO, Joblo